French Retailer: PS3 Slim will launch at 299 Euros

GZ: So, we have some details from a French retailer on the PS3 Slim.

Number one, the PS3 is confirmed according to an interview with a French retailer on Jeux Video Network.

When asked about the PS3 Slim, the retailer responded:

"Yes, the PS3 Slim is a reality, it will soon emerge."

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crs3533178d ago

i hope its real. as in comming out htis year. my 320 gb ( 40 gb ) is so loud and hot its unbelivable. so i hot the slim is quiter and cooler.

Fishy Fingers3178d ago

Then there something wrong with your console. Simple thing like a can of compressed air might help.

Gue13178d ago

I too thought that my PS3 was getting a little bit too noisy and hot while playing it until I used an X360... Maybe @crs353 is on the same situation?

The X360 makes so much noise and it gets so hot that sometimes I think that sooner or later it will explode. Not joking. 0_0

randomwiz3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

yeah, your 40gb uses a 65nm chip. This one uses a 45nm chip which is quieter, and cooler.

The thing with ps3 is that it gets loud after continous playing. It
makes no noise at all when you boot it up and you're at xmb screen.

I have a cooler for my 360. It really does help cut down on the heat. Its a little bit more noisier, and it turns on at random times when my 360 is off, but I'll take that rather than risk getting rrod.

InFAMOUS13178d ago

LOL the first time I turned on an xbox 360 I thought a boeing 747 was going to fly right out of it. And the heat!! Police departments should use the older models for interrogations.. The heat mixed with the noise, it would make anyone crack lol

Cwalat3178d ago

Okey, so it's pretty obvious the PS3 slim is reality.

The only thing i'm wondering is how much it'll cost and if it will be downgraded or not.

My guess is, 349$/349€ and it will be anywhere from 80-120GB.. Won't be downgraded and it will support the latest firmwire update that enables PS2 BC.

That's only my guess though... (if it becomes reality, the wow!)

Carl14123178d ago

I have an EU launch 60GB, which is understandably pretty loud. But i gave it a quick suck with the vacuum cleaner (oo, err!) and it worked wonders. I think it's quieter now than it ever has been.

Megaton3178d ago

My 80gig refurb is like a vacuum cleaner when my room gets all hot and stuffy in this summer heat. Afraid it's gonna crap out. Would like to get a newer model.

Syronicus3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

The Slim will release the sunday after the confrence on the 18th.

Carl14123178d ago

Yeah my 60GB is like that. I'm considering getting a Slim for that reason, and either seling this one on eBay or putting it in the front room as a BD player

joemayo763178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

yo if ur sellin ur 60gb i'll be first in line to buy it i have 2 60gb ps3s (1 is now 200gb) and am looking for one for my room to put next to the 360 but since i still have and play ps2 games i need one with backwards comp. and im not buying a ps2 cuz i have an HDTV in my room and prefer the ps3 scaling (stretching) as opposed to my tvs. plus i like having those mem card slots really do come in handy.

on topic - yea its pretty much jus counting down the days til the slim is official.

Ridrick3178d ago

Second coming of Christ ! Pure fu**ing armageddon !

cmrbe3178d ago

Until Sony says so it is still a rumor to me. It would be so freaking hilarious if the Slim turns out to be not real.

However everything points to a slim. The fact that Sony are not issuing statements left right and center is a sign to me that it might be actually real but lets wait until proper confirmation.

ThanatosDMC3178d ago

Slim might be $399 then. Maybe it'll have BC and bigger HDD.

AAACE53178d ago

Can of Compressed Air???

Don't do that, that hurts your console!

The best way is to use a vacuum to clean out the dust to reduce heat. If you do decide to use compressed air, only use a few small controlled shots to break up build up. Otherwise, the can gived off a bit of moisture sometimes, which helps create "tin fissures" between circuits, causing them to short out over time.

techie3177d ago

And then some save vaccum's are bad because of the static build up on the nozzle...

arturo_psfan3176d ago

for cleaning your air vents.

1.Make sure theres no cd on your ps3.
2. TUrn off your ps3 (red ligth)
3. Turn off the master switch. ( In the rear part of the ps3)
4. Hold the eject button.
5.Turn on the master switch ( keep holdind the eject button)
6. Hold it for 5 secs more and your ps3 should do the work.

IT only works wth the 40G PS3

Heres a little video explaining it

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ape0073178d ago

confirmed,sony shouldn't let this go out cause we are now august 7th and if we say that sony gonna unveil it at gamescom august 18th

these 11 days will see a decrease in sales

damnit an article in every hour

Fishy Fingers3178d ago

Unlikely, hardly any potential customers are as tech savvy as us, or is that nerdy :) Either way, a big unveil is worth more than an internet confirmation.

Like you said, it's 11 days, hardly cause for concern in a 10 year cycle. If it's real, they'll show it when they believe it suits them best, namely a show/conference.

randomwiz3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

11 days could possibly be 130,000 sales the way its selling right now. Which brings in more money for Sony than most of us will ever have in our whole life.

But I agree with you nonetheless... most people are unaware of this, might decrease the sales just a little bit, but not significantly.

Carl14123178d ago

All of this Slim news is officially getting ridiculous

gerth6663178d ago

But those 130,000 people will just go and buy the slim model would they not? They don't lose any potential customers.

ape0073178d ago

yes yes,I really forgot that,even these 110,000 gonna tell others and there's more potential

gerth6663178d ago

Its what i would do if i were after a ps3. The only downside i can think of for Sony is that they would not want a pile of the fat models left about. Personally if i already didn't have a ps3 id buy one right now with all the offers and bundles available.

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crs3533178d ago

i tryed air and iv talked to sony about it and they say well we can give u a referb one for $145. and that was a week after i bought it. it started the day after i bought it. iv had it for a year and 5 months. i got use to it. its just anoying how my friends ps3's are nice and quiet and mine is like a jet taking off.

Fishy Fingers3178d ago

Well thats just unlucky I guess. Although if you'd noticed the problem so soon after your purchase, I'd of just returned it to the shop/store rather than contact sony, kick up a fuss and they'd of probably exchanged it for you. Perhaps its time to stick your console up for sale, might help sooth the sting of buying another.

lloyd_sr13178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Slim PS3 with cheaper components : 120GB $299.99

Slim PS3 with cheaper components : 250GB $399.99

No more fat PS3s. imo

TheHater3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

how much is the current PS3 is Euros?

Edit: Thannks Fishy Fingers

StanLee3178d ago

$400 Euros for the current PS3?! Is that the 160 GB model because that's like $500US.

wildcat3178d ago

400 dollars is about 280 euros.