iFist - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: "iFist, the debut effort from Headcase Games, challenges you to a rock, paper scissors throw-down - with a challenging twist. Rather than a real-life game of reading your opponent and and determining a move, iFist dishes out rock, paper, scissors in rapid succession and you must remember not only the sequence, but the sequence required to win. A focused memory game, this is a different sort of handheld dare than you usually see in the App Store.

Oh, and guys, "iFist"? I don't work blue."

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PS360WII3264d ago

You know, the games that make you scream at the nearest person "SHUT UP I'M PLAYING A GAME!"

That's with every game I play... ;)

Dang sounds rough to be honest 0.o not sure if I could hack it. It is like a game of memory but you need to remember the opposite of the sequence shown!

Cat3264d ago

Haha, I can usually swing some multi-tasking but there were multiple occasions where I was yelling/sputtering at Adam to hush up asap - so much focus needed, I couldn't even stand playing it while something else was going on in the room. It's really a brain-training app.

PS360WII3264d ago

haha awesome. Yeah brain training app is certain 0.o those longer chains would give me a headache

Cat3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I can only credit my past in theatre with my success - was learning those sequences like they were lines of a script!

Edit: basically, I'm throwing down the gauntlet. Top my scores, and...I'm sure i can come up with a prize. Er. :P