Turok - Welcome to the Jungle

The Turok series has had something of a tumultuous history. Once held up by Nintendo fans as an N64 headliner, the Turok games steadily declined in quality, with Turok Evolution seemingly putting the final nail in the coffin. That, obviously enough, wasn't to be the end of the story. Buena Vista Games picked up the license and put Propaganda Games to work on a new instalment. From what IGN have seen this is shaping up to be the game Turok fans have been craving, with lush Unreal Engine 3-powered environments, some seriously massive prehistoric predators, and an emphasis on believable AI that makes the world of the game feel like a living, breathing ecosystem. To get the low-down on how the game is progressing, IGN caught up with Josh Holmes, the VP at Propaganda.

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CaliGamer4247d ago

I knew I read this already, did it take that long to approve this bro? If so that is a huge flaw in the system. Good read if you haven't seen it tho.

tony4247d ago

good pics.. nice texture on the dinosaurs.