PC World: Batman Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions

PC World: "The Batman Arkham Asylum demo's out for Xbox 360 owners, it's about 1.54GB, I've pulled it down and had a look, and what can I say, "I'm Batman." That's about all I can say, however, since it's over before it's really begun, and what's there to see doesn't add up to enough, frankly. It's a couple rooms in a madhouse, a few toss-around fights and some cable-swinging, about half-time spent listening to allied audio briefs or watching the Joker and his goons mug for the camera.

First up, there's an introductory video that plays if you leave the splash screen alone, a plot summary narrated by a mediocre Christian Bale imitator (possibly a compliment, of course, if you think Christian Bale with laryngitis is god). The game's title gives the story up: Mr. Batman Goes to Looney Town. You're locked in from the get-go, the game's impetus amounting to a battle-laced building-crawl where you confront combat or logic challenges thrown up one after another."

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