Sidhe's Shatter is NOT PSN Exclusive

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "Shatter, the brick-breaking game that 'shattered' our expectations, is easily one of our most favorite PSN titles to date. Even though Shatter was created using Sony's PhyreEngine, Sidhe may be bringing the title to other platforms."

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MmaFanQc3213d ago

its a good game and if the 360 only owners can enjoy it i will be glad for them.

btw if you wat the soundtrack, here it is

Sev3213d ago

Can you edit out the soundtrack link please?

Or else I will have to report your comment as offensive. I don't support piracy, and I feel that the soundtrack deserves the money they are charging for it. It shouldn't be given out for free.

MmaFanQc3213d ago

i also paid for the game, im not charging you to download it....

so i dont really see how im stealing.

i also have the right to share what i own.

PirateThom3213d ago

You may own it, but sharing is prohibited (technically, so is lending, but there's no way to enforce it).

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Scolar Visari3213d ago

I actually still have to get this game. xD

Sev3213d ago

It's my favorite PSN game. So you better buy it NOW.

Sangria3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

What i like with Sidhe is that they applied a valuable price method everywhere.
The game is 7.99$ in USA (which makes 5.57€) and in Europe, it's 5.99€ (8.61$).
Whereas Fat Princess is 14.99$ in USA (10.47€) and in Europe it's 14.99€ (21.54$).
I wish every PSN game would follow that pricing method, and not the current 1$ = 1€ policy.

And their interview ( ) proves that the price decision is not a matter of tax or anything like this. It's only following the decision of the publisher (which actually fuel my hatred regarding Fat Princess' price).

And to be this fair, i sincerely thank you, Sidhe.

Biggunz3213d ago

Sony decides the price not the developer. If you want to blame somebody, blame Sony not Titan Studios.

thereapersson3213d ago

The put the emphasis on "NOT", like it's some sort of reassurance or something. Who cares?

FunAndGun3213d ago

doesn't the game feature the playstation symbols (square, triangle, circle, X)in most of the bricks you have to break?...or is that just coincidence.