Special Edition Fever

That Gaming Site writes: "Over the last 20 years, video games have evolved in ways few could have imagined. The industry has advanced from the likes of Pac Man and Space Invaders to fully-fledged Hollywood blockbuster style games, often featuring A-list voice talent and scores composed by world renowned composers. The upshot of this development is that successful games, GTA IV and Modern Warfare for example, gross more than Hollywood films. In the last few years, publishers have also turned their attention to evolving the art of packaging in an attempt to promote sales."

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Elven63213d ago

It's like seeing a timeline of ridiculousness, I remember when these special editions first took off last generation you would get a cool metallic case, bunch of pamphlets with art, hints, etc, a special edition DVD, the game, and a load of other stuff for a mere $5-10 more.

Today, the regular edition will cost you $5-10 more than what it used to! (In Canada at least, we went from $60 MSRP to $70 :( )

Ziriux3213d ago

Yea, I'd say Infinity Ward set the bar with the Modern Warfare 2 special edition, including something as much as night vision goggles is awesome.

Elven63213d ago

I'm not very impressed by it to be honest, hell, we still don't even know what kind of NVG they are! I found the GTA IV collectors edition pretty awesome.

raiden_933213d ago

I wouldn't call MW2's prestige edition very impressive. I think it's more gimmicky if anything. I think when the special edition costs many times more than the game alone then it becomes more of gimmicky addition.