Killzone 2 bullet video was inspired by Bad Boys 2?

A direct comparison between the Michael Bay movie Bad Boys 2 and the bullet ad for one of the hottest PS3 games - Killzone 2 is showing a lot of similarities between the two...

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ToastyMcNibbles2996d ago

i was trying to really concentrate on watching the similarities until i saw the bullet clip martin lawrence's ass lmao great movie wish they would do another together

-Mezzo-2996d ago

there were similarities. i haven't watched that movie.

truegame2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Great movie. Before the Fanboys from both sides come in fighting.

Sony owns the rights to Bad Boys 2 (Columbia Pictures Corporation), so they stole it from themselves.....(smile)

I want this movie on Blu-Ray... It's on the Blu-Ray demo disc.... waiting waiting...

PimplePopperMD2996d ago

Two terrible franchises. Its not surprising. People who like these franchises have the lowest of standards.

Elvfam5112996d ago

you so ima take a bubble for safe keeping lol

andron6662996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

M. Bay is clearly influenced by HK action movies, and they did it much better without the gigantic Hollywood budget and CGI.

Some of John Woos work in his HK action movies, and Ringo Lam's Full Contact has these same kind of shots...

Edit: I'm no M. Bay hater, but the two Bad Boys movies aren't very good in my opinion. Neither funny or with especially good action sequences. Bad Boys 2 was marginally better than the first, but just because Bay had a bigger budget..

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