Activision to receive 'little to no compensation' in Brutal Legend settlement

Here's a little addendum to the Brutal Legend settlement story that, should you be sympathetic to Double Fine in this situation (and, um, how could you not?), should bring a little smile to your face. The LA Times spoke to an unnamed person "familiar with the settlement," who offered some extra information about the deal.

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Chris3993091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I'm sure that Bobby Kottick will make more than enough cash off of movie tie-in shovelware, Guitar Hero: Britany Spears and the next overpriced Call of Duty franchise though.

They're definitely worse than E.A. ever was, at this point. Especially in view of certain recent comments and practices. Charging more for a game in a recession AFTER criticizing another company's "premium pricing" (for their console) is the model of hypocrisy. That $100 Skateboard game is a joke as well, I do hope that it ends in miserable (sales) failure for Activision.

Mo0eY3091d ago

They don't deserve any money after all the crap they've been pulling/spewing the past few weeks.

NaiNaiNai3091d ago

God. carefully mooey, that statement applies to you as well.

Personally I can't stand Act lately. GH sucks now anyways, so really I have nothing left to buy from them.

-Mezzo-3091d ago

They must be really depressed.

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