DiRT 2 uses deferred rendering for night time racing

Gamezine: Codemasters' third generation EGO game engine brings deferred rendering to DiRT 2.

Today Gamezine got its hands on DiRT 2 - you can read our preview of the game right here - and we thought we'd highlight one feature.

During Codemasters' presentation, the game's design manager Ralph Fulton revealed that the team had worked hard to implement night racing. The reason they worked so hard? The developer wanted to include multiple real-time dynamic light-sources and therefore brought deferred rendering to DiRT 2...

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thereapersson3243d ago

I wonder if they got help from Guerrilla Games, or if they created their own modified racing engine?

Cwalat3243d ago

Good question, i also wonder the same thing.

Hope alot of studios take advantage of what Guerrilla Games created... Technically, Killzone 2 Engine is heaven awaiting to be discovered.

Imagine, games like Final Fantasy running on Killzone 2 engine... or even Gears Of War.

Wow, would be a treat for the graphics whores such as myself.

NaiNaiNai3243d ago

Its the same engine that was used in GRID...they just modified it.

PirateThom3243d ago

Funny enough, the Ego engine is a modified version of Codemaster's Neon engine and Sony's multiplatform PhyreEngine.

nycredude3243d ago


No doubt you will see other games using the GG engine, but I highly doubt it will be multiplatform games.

techie3243d ago

Nah, GG didn't help on a MP game. Sony owned studio.

free2game3653243d ago

What are you talking about? Deferred rendering techniques have been around for years. These are old proven concepts, they likely did absolutely nothing to help them considering 1 good programmer can implement these kinds of features given time.

raztad3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Well I think KZ2 engine could have 300+ different sources of light at the same time. That is quite a feast. Differed Rendering is one of the reason KZ2 is such a masterpiece.

There's a ridiculous article saying KZ2 graphics were just smoke and mirrors, cause it doesnt use an unique source of light (SUN) I hope more games include this technique but the amount of lights would be limited by the hardware.

techie3242d ago

Having 100's of different light sources really isn't possible without deferred rendering.

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tripewire3243d ago

Im glad GG lifted the bar for visuals. Boo Sony for creating innovation and progressing the games industry. Boo sony for creating better programmers! BOO. PS3 is teh FaleZ!

free2game3653243d ago

Killzone 2 does nothing new visually that hasn't been seen before

tripewire3242d ago

well then it must be the best looking game out due to the super powerful cell then?


What other game did dynamic motion captured hit responses?
What other game has 300+ dynamic lights at anyone time?
What other games use per-pixel motion blur?
What other games do interactive volumetric smoke?
the list goes on....

techie3242d ago

free2game365 is talking out of his behind. The amount of effects going on in Killzone 2 outstrips most other games. The deferred rendering included for the hundreds of dynamic lights created a quality and atmos not seen before. Just go on any technical forum and they'll be talking about it and their techniques. Developers should be studying what they're doing.

DonCorneo3243d ago

deferred to the next installment.. which will have 4 discs.. LMAO

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thereapersson3243d ago

I just asked a simple question because when I think of deferred rendering these days, the first thing that comes to mind is Killzone 2. I was simply wondering if they got some pointers from GG, or if they go it alone.

Oh, and as for Free2Game365, if you would care to list other console games that achieve what Killzone 2 does, I'd like to see them -- as well as technical PDF data that backs up your claims.

techie3242d ago

It's very doubtful they'd get help from a platform holder.

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