Xbox 360 Games on Demand Pricing Shows Digital Distribution Has Tough Hill to Climb


Yesterday, we finally got to see the pricing details on the Xbox 360 Games on Demand service, and considering the service's pricing structure, it is clear that full downloadable games still have a ways to go before becoming a real player in the videogame industry.

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KionicWarlord2222996d ago

The benefit to the service is that the games link to your gamer tag so you keep it forever .

randomwiz2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

thats the good thing, so you can't possibly lose the game.

But thats not worth the extra cash imo.

dannyhinote_132996d ago

Like random off isn't really there with the price being what it is.

HBK6192996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Problem is, what if the game sucks? What if you don't WANT the game anymore? These are the biggest issues with downloadable media.

I can trade my disc games in, can that happen with Games on Demand?

I can take my games back within a week of buying (At some places) if it sucks, can that happen with Games on Demand?

If EITHER of these questions is 'no', then I have serious doubts about why anyone would want this over something that you have a 'yes' answer to and can pay less for and also in some cases receive MORE content.

Not to mention that realistically if I am safe enough I can also have my game 'forever' too.

I am not having a go at Games on Demand or MS at all, this is the whole problem with digital media. It just will not take over hard copies any time soon unless those issues above and several more are taken care of. I think that at the moment really, the only way digital games can be distributed is the way they are with the PSN and XBLM in small bite sized downloadable games (Discounting the few retail games that are already on the PSN).

Kushan2996d ago

You can't trade it in, either. I know some games are worth keeping for ever, but sadly not that many.

Godmars2902996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

With forever being however long MS or any other GoD service wants to give you access.

Your 360 dies and you have to get a new system while MS decides one day they're tired with the service, and the HDD you've got your collection on is just another paper weight.

I'm saying that its at MS's whim. That if they decide for whatever reason to take down or erase their servers you're SOL. That your gamer card becomes just as worthless as if you had a backup copy of the game.

KionicWarlord2222996d ago

"Your 360 dies and you have to get a new system while MS decides one day they're tired with the service, and the HDD you've got your collection on is just another paper weight."

It`s tied to your gamer card .

You can recover it on the internet or on another xbox 360 .

RealityCheck2996d ago

Are they going to do that with Arcade games too? Arcade games used to be annoyingly tied to the 360 S/N and if you got a refurbished after a warranty repair, early on you were hosed and later on you still had to do an official transfer (max of once a year).

If Arcade games were tied to gamertags only it would solve all that.

Kushan2996d ago

You can now transfer all of your digital content to new consoles.
All content is tied to both the console and the gamertag. You can play it on different consoles as long as you're signed in and EVERYONE on the purchasing console can play it.

RealityCheck2996d ago

Thanks Kushan, my last refurbished has the new motherboard so it has been running very well, so I probably won't need it but it's good to now it can all be transferred.

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tdogchristy902996d ago

Don't get me wrong, digital distribution has it's benefits. I still like my hard copies. It's like cold hard cash, it's just nice to have a physical medium.

dannyhinote_132996d ago

Agreed. They'll have to drop the price to get me to jump into the full retail downloadable games.

2996d ago
topdawg1222996d ago

I hope the future is blu ray as well.Oh yeah and I love Drake too, his rhymes are sick!

-Mezzo-2996d ago

downloadable games should not be charged same as the virtual discs.

Nitrowolf22996d ago

that is true, the fact that it doesnt cost to make that physical form should lower the cost. I will always stick to a hard copy, because one i feel more safty, 2 it doesn't hog up my HDD, and 3 i can always get cash back if i ever decided to sell it.

Simon_Brezhnev2996d ago

well we are dealing with M$

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