Square Enix Quarter Results, Net Income Loss of 1.6 Billion Yen

Square Enix has just released their financial results for the three months ending June 30 2009, posting a 1.6 Billion Yen loss of net income.

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topgeareasy3184d ago

crapbox pleasefixme got the exclusives ha ha ha epic fail

Roper3163184d ago

the only company I feel is more deserving of a loss like this is Activision.

gaffyh3184d ago

It is quite surprising though that Japan alone represents almost 90% of their market, yet they are making games for a system that has the least install base there. Very very bad business move, I'm surprised Wada is still in charge.

Xistan3184d ago

SE's moves this gen were really stupid, they completely ignored their fanbase. And Wada should be kicked out already.

nycredude3184d ago

I think they focused too much on the western market and forgot where they came from and what has gotten the to the top last gen. Should have just stuck to what worked and focused on releasing Final Fantasy instead of all the clunkers on the xbox!

gaffyh3184d ago

I definitely agree with your last statement, had they just allocated more teams to FF13's development, we wouldn't have had to wait so long, and also FFvs13 wouldn't have been delayed. Now we can only hope that vs13 comes out in 2010 :(

muddygamesite3184d ago

The law of Karma can be very painful when realized. In this case, I guess We can safely say these losses are as a result of the horrific and unacceptable treatment Square Enix gave their most loyal fans who fed them for many years and made them very popular. They have provided PS3 owners with nothing but pain and suffering.

For a few bags of money, they turned their back on we PS3 owners. Sadly those bags of money will never compensate the losses they have encountered and are about to encounter. This is only the beginning of the end of Square Enix. I sincerely hope they loose even thripple the amount they are posting right now.

Their CEO will also contribute to their inevitable downfall. The man is a pompous imbecile and shames the gaming industry every single time he opens his stinking mouth.

NaiNaiNai3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

For a second there I thought you were referring the loyal fans as Sony owners. XD ROFL...If I recall those fans are from Nintendo. Sony just stole square from Nintendo and Sony fans thought they made Square...And then I recall Sony fans disowning SE after FF13 was announced multiplat. >.> yet still looked better then WKC. you know, if you guys were real fans you would buy any system there games were on. your just fanboys...BTW playing Infinite undiscovery right now. Amazing game really.

gaffyh3184d ago

LMAO @ 2.1 fanboy telling others to stop being fanboys, oh the irony.

lordcrackpot3183d ago

square enix produced ZERO good RPGs for the next gen systems. and most are on the xbox 360, where the users DON'T play RPGs. all my friends who own a 360 just said something similar to "o infinite undiscovery looks pretty interesting...but i wouldn't get it because its CALL OF DUTY TIME!!" and my other friends that own PS3s are pretty disappointed because they thought a mass of RPGs would come to the PS3, just like back in the PS2 era.

bad job Square Enix, it's time to bring some quality work to the PS3.

Godmars2903183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Geez, drama queen much... :?

True, MS disappointed one fanbase by trying to create another, but its not like what got churned out on the 360 was their best product. Everyone's still getting that.

What's a surprise to me is that S/E put out tons of cheap titles and remakes on an actual popular system, the DS, an still took a hit.

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Daver3184d ago

cant complain.. they have what they deserve

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