Is Sony Preparing Major Announcement for GamesCom?

Sony has booked a massive 3-hour press conference for August 18th, the day before the conference kicks off for the general public. People are extremely curious about what Sony might reveal at this unlikely venue, especially since Microsoft and Nintendo have nowhere near the same presence on the GamesCom stage.

Traditionally, Europe has been a very stong market for Sony, so a mega announcement here does kind of make sense. Also, given the massive leaks that occurred just before E3, perhaps Sony wanted some time to prepare a proper announcement at a less frenetic event.

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Natsu X FairyTail3051d ago

PSP go demostration is there for sure.
Lots of Live Demos to Show( Uncharted , MAG , HeavyRain)

all these might take up to 1-2 hours.

the last might be about the Slim. if true though.

The_Darkest_Red3051d ago

I have a feeling Sony is bringing the heat for the rest of this year. To be honest though, even if nothing "big" is announced, this year is still shaping up to be amazing. Do you really need anything other than Uncharted 2?

Mario3051d ago

If ps3 slim and gt5 are announced to release before xmas, i sincerely believe this will be the turning point for sony and the ps3. Ps3 sales will absolutely sky rocket

I am Legend3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

A price cut and God of War and I'm set. I'll likely get one next year.

Natsu X FairyTail3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

2 disagrees in my 1st comment?


edit: I think I got Stalkers! ladies following every comments I post! thats mad Homo

lociefer3051d ago

price cut + ps3 slim ?:)))))))))))))))))))))))
and plz sony make a bang and bring legacy of kain exclusive :)))))

ShadowRyuX3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Yes I need more than Uncharted 2! I need Demon's Souls and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 along with Borderlands and many other great games. I am a versatile gamer with many tastes, lets just say I like to whip out my sword as much as I love to shoot my gun (innuendo possibly intended...possibly)

The_Darkest_Red3051d ago

Haha yeah man I totally agree, even though Uncharted 2 will be amazing I will be picking up many of those games as well. This will be a fun time to be a gamer, just like last year. Hopefully I will make it out alive (or at least pass in school).

gintoki7773051d ago

maybe...............they will announce final fantasy 15!

andron6663051d ago

I read in PSM3 a rumor that all the PS3 slim leaks are actually a viral ad campaign. If that's true then we should see the slim at some point soon.

Hopefully GT5 will come out this year too. That's the top two I'm guessing/hoping for. Or maybe Sony have got some other secrets? Exciting nonetheless...

Maddens Raiders3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

The mighty PS2 will be dropped Q4, and PS2 downloads will be available on the PSN simultaneously with the reduced cost, Slim PS3 Launch, & new P.S. trophy rewards program.

The fact that GT5 will be launching in mid December 2009 will be the least shocking news.

Freak of Nature3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Like Dark Cloud 3...& Kingdoms hearts 3...Or will we have to wait for TGS? Not holding my breath.But one can hope.

Last guardian (TGS?)
Kojima's Projects (TGS?)
Beyond good and evil 2 (multi-plat),more like a true unveiling in early 10' at GDC or next E3...But one can hope...

Media Molecule with more,more,more of LBP and how about a new MM IP?Too good to be true?But you never know?

Insomniac with more R&C:ACIT.How about that rumored RPG platformer from their new North Carolina studios?At least a snippet?

Cambridge studios have been working for over 20 Months on a new IP (outside of LBP PSP),could it be a return of Sir Drake?

More on Uncharted 2,GOW3,Rage (multi-plat) and Assassins creed 2 would also be high up on my list...And the game Brink has me curious,it showed promise at E3...

How about EPIC Mickey from Warren Spector?probably not quite yet...

And to top things off,I know that Oddworld inhabitants are getting close to unveiling their movie/game tie in "Citizen siege"...But that will probably only be early 10'...

Most of my most wanted are not quite ripe yet...

sunil3051d ago

Lookout for a Firmware 3.0 announcement... it might only come out end of year, but announcement now might be huge.

Things I hope for

1. PS3 Slim (unlikely)
2. $100 price cut (unlikely)
3. GT5 release date announcement (very likely)
4. Firmware 3.0 (likely)
5. PlayStation Cloud (likely)
6. PlayStation Thank you system (no clue)
7. Vidzone for the rest of the world (unlikely)
8. A Hit back against Mr Activision on the prices of his games and peripherals (maybe just a passing joke)


i just want to know more about the agency n maybe AGENT from rockstar.
i know SE is done making KH games for ps n bringing them to DS n PSP but hopes r up for KH3
more on DEAD RISING 2.

whoelse3051d ago

The actual conference part is said not to be 3 hours long. That is how long their slot is.

GameGambits3051d ago

There's so much Sony is capable of when it just comes to games and franchises. 3hours seems little when Sony's consoles are homes to the best games I've played since I was little.

Legend of Dragoon 2. Make it happen Sony!

Jinxstar3051d ago

Slim + Twisted metal = World Domination

50CALheadshot3051d ago

what a great year so far.

KILLZONE2, INFAMOUS, dlc, psone classics.

the slim comes at a time when the economy is in shambles. A wise move.

Sony has a stellar lineup to end 2009, especially if gt5 is released. What really impresses me though is that its not over, not by a longshot. 2010 looks to be better than 2009 in every way.

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-Mezzo-3051d ago

I hopw they announce all the rumored announcements.

Man_of_the_year3051d ago

I have a feeling that the slim will finally be announced.

Nelson M3051d ago

Let me Guess !
In Your Ass !
You Sick Freak

Mo0eY3051d ago

LOL "Man of the Rear..."

Here, I'll make it better:

"Fan of the Rear"

Shane Kim3051d ago

Bahahaha bubbles for both Nelson and mooey :D :D.

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Roper3163051d ago

it will just be more of the same as E3 with the extra time going over sales & projections for the year. I don't think we will see a price cut or slim or the GT5 release date until the TGS in September.

-EvoAnubis-3051d ago

They didn't book a three hour press conference because they're going to be watching Watchmen during it. We'll just have to wait and see what it's going to be.

I will say that if they don't announce the Slim and the price drop, they're freaking stupid.

ape0073051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"if they don't announce the Slim and the price drop, they're freaking stupid"


they better

nycredude3051d ago


"They better"

Or what?

You won't like them any more?

ape0073051d ago

I mean the momentum will be huge if they announce it at gamescom or later this year

uncharted 2,gow3 and gt5 with price cut is like a nuke

Megaton3051d ago

Anyone know if this conference is gonna be streamed anywhere online? I think last year the best anyone could find was someone updating constantly by text.

Natsu X FairyTail3051d ago

the conference is private? no Live updates (videos) on GT and IGN?

clinker3051d ago

It's not that the conference is private, it's that it isn't as big as E3, so not sure which major sites will have live feeds.

RockmanII73051d ago

I'd guess Gamespot, but I'm not positive

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