1UP: Game Boy 20th Anniversary Retrospective: Celebrating Nintendo's pioneering handheld with history and nostalgia

1UP's Ray Barnholt writes,

"What's not to love about a big, ugly, gray brick? The Game Boy introduced a higher standard for portable videogames at the end of the 1980s, but somehow it hasn't been quite so fondly remembered as its home console contemporaries. While retro game nerds tripped over themselves with nostalgic reflections of the NES during the system's 20th anniversary several years ago, the Game Boy, now 20 years old itself, seems to be recognized largely as an interesting footnote in videogame history. Not that that's completely inexcusable: portable games in general have always been viewed as something of a novelty, and the Game Boy was a neat system at the time, sure, but one that many people think isn't as fun to play anymore. Or are we wrong? Maybe everyone still loves the Game Boy, but in secret?"

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