Scans: OPM UK Reviews Batman: Arkham Asylum 9/10

Yesterday the demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum has hit PSN, and now the review scans of the OPM UK has leaked on the internet. They give the game a beautiful 9. Enjoy!

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Natsu X FairyTail2938d ago

this might be the best batman game ever.

The Hunter2938d ago

I played yesterday the demo, and i say, it had suprised me :) I think i will buy it ;)

HammockGames2938d ago

Dug the demo. If that's reflective of the rest of the game I think we'll all be happy. I went ahead and preordered off Amazon (just $48 after their lower starting price combined with 5$ off code).

Good timing on Ubisoft's part. Not much competition in the month of August.

Cwalat2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Does it say how many hours this game was?

If it's over 12 hours.. i'm buying it.

Not that i choose quantity over quality, but i just don't want to waste 50-60 buck on a game i'll put aside and never use again after 10-12 hours.

raztad2938d ago


Thats my main concern. I already have it pre-ordered from amazon (48$ total), but I'm seeking some info about game length. I'll piss me off big time if game is 5 hours long. I dont care about challenge rooms or Joker playable.

50CALheadshot2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I like the combat. Visuals are above multiplatform standards, audio is ok. Production value seems to be there.I think i may get this just to beat the story.

The demo might have been on easy,hopefully the fullgame is harder and more than 16 hours. It would help if they throw in huge maps and "batwing/mobile/bike/boat " levels to make use of the nice visuals. Wonder if they will add in replay value somehow.

Still the game is impressive, but im a huge batman fan so there may be a bias there. What i would really like to see is someone make a sandbox batman game with all of gotham city and wayne estate as the map. Open world with vehicles and loads of criminals and bosses with a city that feels alive @ 25-30 hours gameplay... someone needs to jump on that.

LtSkittles2938d ago

I think it's 12-15 hours long

raztad2937d ago


Where did you get that info? I'm really interested. 12-15 hours is fairly decent.

StanLee2937d ago

Rocksteady really may have delivered a triple A title. I shook my head when they made those claims but if the scores remain consistent, this may be on of the best games this year.

LtSkittles2937d ago

I think Sefton Hill said that, or close to that.

Kaliumhest2937d ago

I can confirm that a german PS3 magazine gave it a 9 also.

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hardmetal2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

And if they bundle it with PS3 ($ 299 price tag), it's gonna be like a new launch for TDK movie on blu-ray.


The_Devil_Hunter2938d ago

Good Idea, I mean they did it with Terminator Salvation and we all know how good of a game that was, imagine how it would be with this heck of a game. Ah I cant wait for Batman:AA

_Q_2938d ago

im definintely picking this one up.

aymann2938d ago

This game shocked me when i played the demo it's really awesome 100% i'm gonna buy it

-Mezzo-2938d ago

Awesome score. loved the demo.