New Screenshots of Turok

Turok is a series with a rocky past, but the latest instalment for PS3 and Xbox 360 looks to be shaping up well, as these new screenshots attest. Newcomers to the Turok franchise Propaganda Games are crafting a title that brings all the hallmark elements back - big guns, bigger explosions and erm, the biggest enemies, but with a new level of sophistication, both technically, and in terms of the game world's ecosystem. Intrigued?

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power of Green 4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

My fav FPS aswell. The weapons and the mix up of humans, space creatures and dino's are unmatched in gameplay differences giving you all types of gameplay the player has to adjust to on a fly.

specialguest4099d ago

damn, I love FPS or TPS games involving dinosuars ever since the Jurrassic Park games. Definately getting this even if the score is just average.

ErcsYou4099d ago

looks good, another game on my to get list. to many games, so little time.

Sevir044099d ago

very sleek and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!! but im way tooo pdarn picky about Multiplatforms so i'm gonna pass on this one i'll prolly just rent it or borrow from a friend cause i wont be spending on just any old multiplatformer, especially an fps, no matter how good it looks.

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