Wii Sports Resort nears 2m sales

600,000 copies sold in Europe since its release on July 24th.

Nintendo has confirmed that its high-profile Wii MotionPlus debutant Wii Sports Resort has sold over 600,000 copies in Europe since its High Street debut on July 24th.

The game is currently enjoying its second week at the top of the ELSPA GfK-ChartTrack All Formats Top 40, having improved upon its debut week sales in its second week on the market.

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Mo0eY3265d ago

There you have it, folks. The stats show that the more people you have that will buy trash, the more games you will sell.

Wii Fit
Wii Play
Wii Sports Resort
Gears of War

Counter-examples (games that did not do so well, but are popular amongst gamers):
God of War
Eternal Darkness

I wonder why that is.

IcyJoker1873265d ago


Shnazzyone3265d ago

guess someone is adopting motion +. Hopefully some more developers will take advantage of the new controls now. Admittedly... this game is lots of fun. More fun with friends so if your an antisocial gamer... that's probably why you detest this title. People without friends are sad.

EvilTwin3265d ago

Resort and the Prime Trilogy could actually end up being a nice 1-2 summer punch.

desolationstorm3265d ago

Definitely true. Knew Nintendo was doing things right to make sure this ended up in lots of gamers hands. No reason to have a new product without a good plan to get it in their hands. Id expect Nintendo to get somewhere close to a 30% adoption of the m+ with all these bundles. Could be more and should be more but you never know.

Would be nice for Christmas if they dont do a price cut to bundle resorts in and keep it at the 250 price range. That way people would be very happy to get a m+ and 2 games for that price. Doubt Nintendo will, but we will see after Sony launches its attack to gain sales.

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