Limitless possiblity (and possible limits) in Crytek's sci-fi shooter

Crysis hangs its success on DirectX 10 supergraphics, holy-s*** moments involving absolute-zero alien death machines, and possibly too-high technology -- but it hangs its hat on permutations. Pile custom weapon loadouts (no matter how nonsensical) on top of nanosuit configurations on top of everything-breaks physics, then add a layer of ice and toss it all into zero-g, and we've got n-factorial questions.... What happens when x + y is divided by z? What happens when you introduce w?

If Crysis is a collection of details from which complexity violently erupts, where's the limit? The Crytek crew pauses to bring Crysis' high concepts back to the ground, and to explain what could happen -- and what probably won't.

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DeadlyFire4247d ago

A Glitch In the System
Accidents happen. Famously, Crysis' giant alien walker was never really meant to tear up trees looking for human targets. It just sorta worked out that way.

"Every once in a while, the A.I. looks like it is doing a new exciting behavior when, in fact, there is a bug in the code," Yerli says. "That often spawns interesting design discussions, and the bug may end up getting a proper implementation and become a feature. We recently had one of the aliens writhing itself around on the floor after being shot by the player. It was a bug in the physics system, but [it] actually added a lot of character to the alien. Whether we turn this bug into a feature remains to be decided."

Looks to me like the first signs of AI inteligence. :O It isn't even told what to do but it does it right.

neogeo4247d ago

Maybe that poor alien does not want to die!