Halo 3: ODST DLC coming after all?

Though Bungie has previously stated that it has no plans to release downloadable content for Halo 3: ODST, if the game's recently released box art is to be believed Microsoft may be releasing DLC after all.

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Natsu X FairyTail3084d ago

I want news about the Beta key for Reach >:(

DJ Chick3084d ago

Some FireFight maps would be cool, but i'm definitely more interested in some news about the Beta aswell.

ShabzS3084d ago

yess... but its probably not going to happen this year ... i'm thinking they'll announce the betas for march 2010 or showcase it at e3 2010...

Blaze9293084d ago

As bungie said, they will not be releasing DLC for this game. You CAN however download the Halo Reach beta and anytime you have a game when you can download something, "Downloadable Content" is required to be put on the box as a feature. Just a simple misconception here.

talltony3084d ago

lol now dlc is even getting dlc!

CaptainAmerica3084d ago

ODST is not DLC its an expansion game. Get it right if your gonna try to be funny.

talltony3084d ago

Considering I can play all but 3 halo 3 maps right now through dlc, then I will consider this dlc. Why can't u take a joke anyways.?

talltony3083d ago

It's funny unless ur in denial cause 90% of everything in odst is dlc repackaged with a 3 hour campaign and no rechargable health. Disagree all u want but it won't change the fact that I'm right and u know it.

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Saaking3084d ago

haha, DLC for an expansion. So it's kinda like DLC for DlC. Poor bots.

3084d ago
IcyJoker1873084d ago

awww look at the bot

his pos hardware must be taking a toll on him

Chubear3084d ago

LOL, that cracked me up XD

Qazdaz3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

is dlc?

Kushan3084d ago

If its another 800 point map pack, count me out.

Arthur_3084d ago

you know you'll buy it :P

Kushan3084d ago

I've yet to buy a single 800 point map pack. I've never seen one that I felt was worth the money.

Elven63084d ago

Microsoft is actually good about the Halo (and to a certan extent Gears) map packs, after a while they either get a point reduction or go free.

Kushan3084d ago

They used to do that, but the 2 map packs on Halo 3 now are still 800 points I believe.

Hoolock3084d ago

In release order the map packs are Heroic, Legendary and Mythic
Heroic is now free, legendary is now half price at 400 and Mythic is 800. I believe that with the release of ODST they plan to make legendary free. Legendary and Mythic were well worth the money i payed but i felt cheated by heroic which i found a little boring.

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Darrius Cole3084d ago

The money is telling the truth, that's who. If the money says Bungie needs to do the DLC in order to make its payroll, then Bungie will do the DLC. If the money says Bungie doesn't need to do the DLC, then they won't. Screw what these guys say, follow the money.

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The story is too old to be commented.