Activision's Rise to Glory

IndustryGamers: In light of Activision's second quarter fiscal results, in which the publishing giant posted net revenues of more than $1 billion, we decided to take a look back at Activision's incredible rise to power. The publisher has been around for a very long time (since 1979), but it wasn't until the early '90s when Bobby Kotick took over that things really started to change.

The last 10 years in particular have been hugely impressive. Like a rodent just slowly gnawing away at the side of your house, Activision slowly made advances every year in the marketplace. They've had nothing but consecutive years of revenue growth. Before you knew it, a decade has passed and Activision nearly increased its sales tenfold. Moreover, the company now has almost $3 billion in cash at its disposal.

In 2005, the publisher finally passed the billion dollar mark for annual revenues. Today, Activision can do those sales numbers in a single quarter (as they just did). It's been an incredible rise.

On the following pages we outline Activision's sales and income growth from fiscal 1998-2008 and point to some key events.

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The_Darkest_Red3266d ago

If by glory you mean d-baggery, then yes, Activision has certainly risen to glory.

koehler833266d ago

I do believe they mean 'Rise to Glory-holing'

jmare3266d ago

No. Because even sh1t sometimes floats to the top for a while. Then somebody flushes it down and it goes where it belongs. I've never seen the sh1t actually call out to be flushed like Activision's been doing lately. They really need to take a lesson from Sony and EA on the effects of hubris on your place in the games world.

Admiral_Benson3266d ago


+Bubbs. Outstanding comments from above, that cracked me up.

Just imagining Bobby Kotick as a little nugget of $hit with a few a$$ pubes for hair going "Flush me! Flush me! Come on... FLUSH ME!!!"

hahaha....that made my day.

Crystallis3266d ago

If Kitcenut or whatever his name is, keeps making comments hes making then that billion doller revenue will drop quickly.

Raf1k13266d ago

I doubt it but I do hope you're right.

-Mezzo-3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Activision once were one of my favorite publishers but now there attitude towards gamers have been crazy thus i hate them now.

What they are saying is that pay for the candy and the candy wrapper as well.

Chaos Striker3266d ago

Regardless, from a purely financial standpoint, Activision's growth is amazing. There has not been bad year for them since the late 90s up to this point. This is really comparable, to say, a Microsoft growth path. However, the question will be whether or not they can sustain this growth with only their cash cows, and not panning out and taking more risks in developing new IP's. We have already seen how Electronic Arts has faltered a bit due to this type of business strategy. But, at the same time, EA's new strategy is causing them to bleed money. Time will tell before some other publishing juggernaut takes this role.


The higher up they go, the longer the fall back down ! And in the same way it was a slow clime to the top... it will start with small, little slips back down

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