Britxbox: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review

Jasper Kashap writes: "Ready to go on an adventure with a Cowboy, a Samurai and a little girl? No, we are not on our way to pay a visit to the Wizard of Oz. Instead, Bethesda have provided the opportunity to explore an alien ship in their, supposedly, final piece of DLC for Fallout 3 – Mothership Zeta.

The main quest begins with an impromptu abduction of your wastelander from an alien crash site (sans follower) whereby, following some obligatory probing, you are swiftly kept prisoner aboard their ship. The inevitable breakout quickly begins by forcing a melee only section on you, as if to remind us how clumsy the melee combat in Fallout 3 can be. After a rocky start you befriend some fellow escapees, gear up and begin to formulate a plan of escape. Unfortunately, it's even further downhill from there."

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