Maingear shows its eX-L 15 gaming notebook

In addition to the recently announced eX-L 18, a 18.4-inch gaming beast, Maingear has decided to roll out yet another one with a smaller screen, the eX-L 15. The eX-L 15 comes with a less powerful hardware but still packs quite a punch when compared to the rest of the notebook world.

The new Maingear gaming notebook can be equipped with either a 15.4-inch 1680x1050 Super Clear Gloss or a more expensive 1920x1200 Matte Finish display. It can house up to three hard or solid state drives with up to 1.5TB of storage space, up to 8GB of memory, a wide choice of DVD and Blu-Ray drives, a Geforce GTX 260M graphics card with 1GB of memory and a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad CPUs.

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