Aion: Beluslan Zone Tour

NCSoft has released a video tour of the Asmodian zone, Beluslan, in Aion which is due to be released next month.

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Maticus3049d ago

Beautiful-looking game.

Malfurion3049d ago

Most of it looks like concept art - but it isn't. Very nice.

Gun_Senshi3049d ago

how come its concept art when i was playing in that place last weekend during CB :P

Leord3049d ago

Asmodean. Very biblical name :)

Motojass3049d ago

you want it to butter your toast

Midgard2283049d ago

if ur not impressed with its graphics and its a crytek engine game u must think wow looks horrible. not many mmo's come even close to aion visually so wtf doesnt impress u? unless ur dense and think it shud look like crysis when its an mmo. *tsk tsk

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