Pocket-Lint Review: Philips GoGear Opus MP3 player

PL: The audio quality is something that we liked, working well with those better-than-average headphones: it's rare to find an MP3 player where you are happy to stick with the supplied headphones and we were luckily enough to find a perfect fit with those supplied. Yes, we did find better results with higher quality headphones, but uncharacteristically, we'd recommend giving the bundled ones a go first.

The Philips GoGear Opus doesn't do anything drastically wrong but it doesn't really excite either, and priced at £99 for an 8GB (or £129 for 16GB) it finds itself in close range of the Samsung YP-P3, the iPod nano and Sony Walkman NWZ-S638F, against which competition, we think it struggles as an overall package.

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