Eurogamer: Warhammer Online Re-Review

WAR might well have the best PvP structures any fantasy MMO has to offer, but without more meaning and without more bodies, it can only fade. Only war isn't enough after all.

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JannikD3237d ago

EA Mythic has since fixed many of the bugs plaguing WAR's launch. Unfortunately, most of the player base didn't return. I did though and enjoy the game again. It still has some class balancing issues to sort out, but every PVP enabled game does. More than any other MMO, the linchpin of WAR is population and faction balance. If it misses either of those elements the game is miserable for the disadvantage faction or vacant server. Hopefully in the coming months Mythic will clear up even more of Warhammer Online's existing issues.

NiteX3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I just can't help but feel that Aion will follow in the foot steps of WAR. Many will leave WoW for it but find it's not at all what they expected and return to WoW feeling butt hurt. When you really look at it Aion and WAR are almost siblings. Just one of them had an asian mother....

Motojass3237d ago

that made no sense. Don't listen to your feelings they share the same intellect as your reasoning.

LoveWaffles3237d ago

WAR is eh to alright right now, but it still has such a long way to go to become great. There are really several things wrong with the game as of now.

1. Mythic themselves
They really just don't listen to their player base, if you go read the forums there are people bringing attention to several issues but mainly destruction parity it just doesn't exist.

2. character imbal
Order really is light years ahead of destro. The warrior priest, Bright wizard, and Iron breaker are just THAT much better than other destro character out there. Thus people are leaving in droves cause mythic won't listen to them or else they re roll chars as order.

3. lopsided server counts
People are all order when you have 250 order running around in the RvR lakes taking keeps against maybe 2 warbands of destruction it loses its luster of feeding them free xp and rp.

4. the game is broken still after a year
Several glitches that keep the endgame from ever being accomplished. From absurd features that require earlier tiers to contribute to the last one to lag.

WAR was a great idea but it lacked execution. It needed another year to be good and even then they need more than that. From what I see now its a dead man walking just waiting to get the axe. EA didn't even include it in their quarterly earnings and from what I am told they have included it every other quarter.

All I know is they won't be getting my 15 bucks every month from here out unless they really do a 180 and get their head on their shoulders.

Dead_Cell3237d ago

Go look up the Shadowbane emulator,hopefully the game will be up and running again in around six months time.
If you can overlook the dated graphics and take being beat over and over again until you get the hang of it it has alot to offer.

- Open world PvP
- 12 races,4 classes,30 professions,40something disciplines
- City sieges,anything on the map can be owned run and taken away again.
- Guild warfare.
- Endless customisation,viable character builds and competitive PvP.