Opinion: Transformers - Robots in Demise?

In this opinion piece, robot-crazed game designer Ollie Barder looks at the recent history of the Transformers video game, picking four major design factors that would make the franchise more playable.

Ollie Barder @ Gamastura: "Like many of my generation, I grew up watching a lot of cartoons. One of which was Transformers, and as with many shows of that era, many of my childhood friends owned the toys as well. We would play Autobots and Decepticons in our respective gardens, re-enacting the aeon-long struggle between mechanical good and evil.

Of all the mecha franchises birthed in Japan, Transformers is one that has the greatest amount of cultural common ground in the West; there's an almost implicit understanding of how these fictional living machines operate.

Yet for all this commonality, the vast majority of the games that attempt to re-produce those afternoons of toy robot battling end up being disjointed and functionally quite fractured. "

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