Japanese Hardware: Wii Sales Quadruple On Monster Hunter 3 Launch

A few weeks after the Square Enix RPG Dragon Quest IX drove Nintendo DSi sales through the roof in Japan, another third-party game, Capcom's Monster Hunter 3, helped quadruple weekly Wii sales, tracking firm Media Create said Friday.

Japanese sales of the Wii for the week ended August 2 were 95,357, up from about 24,000 units the week prior. Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise is hugely popular in Japan, and previously appeared on PlayStation 2 and PSP. Monster Hunter 3 is the first time the franchise has come to a Nintendo console, and Nintendo appears to be reaping the benefits.

Wii: 95,357
DSi: 73,710
PSP: 33,049
DS Lite: 12,027
PS3: 8,760
PS2: 3,617
Xbox 360: 3,552

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Cwalat3182d ago

That goes to show how hardcore the Monster Hunter fans are... They have no trouble buying a new console for their awesome franchise.

Boy i wonder what would happen to Japanese hardware sales if they released it on 360/PS3.

n4f3182d ago

i agree with you . if monster hunter3 were on ds [email protected] the number would be crazy

Keowrath3182d ago

Is anyone surprised. It's been quoted the Wii prints money. Monster hunter prints money (especially in Japan) That's a whole lot of money printing!

Actually considering picking up a Wii just for MH3. I know I'll definitely get my moneys worth just from that 1 game alone. But I love me some Monster Hunter...

FinalomegaS3182d ago

waiting for it also...

Now it's just a mater of wait till 1stQ 2010