Microsoft picks Bing jingle

Microsoft has announced the winner of its Bing jingle contest – a short song entitled 'Bing goes the internet' by Jonathan Mann.

The competition saw a number of entries posted to Bing's YouTube page, which is somewhat ironic since Google owns YouTube, and the winner was decided by the number of page views and good ratings that it garnered.

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pianplay3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Odd if you ask me O_o

I think if i have to start hearing this on TV, my head will explode!

D4RkNIKON3123d ago

I agree, this song is awful! I thought it was a joke, if this is how MS plans to out do Google.. HAHA

Tony240ZT3119d ago

This was painfully annoying

N4G king3123d ago

and its with the names they make

i mean all the names that they come up with
or they are involved in looks fu*ked up

check out this list i made

what the fu*k is bing ??
that name is really fu*ked up + really stupid
if you want some one to search something in google
all you have to say is (( google it ))
but bing ?
if you said (( bing it )) ppl will lagh at you for real
that sounds stupid

2- halo
3- forza

no matter what i really cant understand or know what those mean

4- Zune
they really tried to be cool so teenagers like it and stuff
but the name really failed
i mean ZUNE ???
they can come up with something better

andron6663123d ago

Catchy like a hole in the head...

kaveti66163123d ago

In unrelated news, I continue to use google.

andron6663123d ago

I wonder when this Bing search service is launching? /s LOL