When You Get Madden NFL 10, Change the Game Speed

Loot Ninja says,

"Amidst the myriad of changes in Madden NFL 10 to enhance realism, EA Sports added the ability to change the game speed. The Default, Slow, brings things closer to the actual speed on the field. However, it's a bit too slow for a video game. Luckily, you can change this setting to customize Madden to your liking."

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drunkpandas3086d ago

Sometimes realism doesn't translate to a more fun video game experience. I'm glad EA put in the ability to change the game speed back to Normal.

SoulBrotha32923086d ago

Im fine with the speed..n actually pretty comfortable wit it..I got used to the speed after 2 games..N its good speed. I hope they dont change it for online games.

Maddens Raiders3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

releases Friday August, 14th 2009.

rpgenius4203086d ago

I already have this game! Same s*** different toilet.

mikeslemonade3086d ago

Um no I want a football game to be as realistic as possible. I'm 95% a online player when it comes to madden so it would not benefit me to change the game speed as it would only change the offline speeds.

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Gyshall3086d ago

Isn't Madden not even in this game? They should call it "Not Madden".

drunkpandas3086d ago

You can use "Ask Madden" for play calling, but that's about it.

fiercescuba3086d ago

The only thing that Madden has to do with Madden 10 is the residual check he gets from this game selling 5 million copies by Christmas. That's a lot of turkey legs.

fiercescuba3086d ago

They tried to slow the game down to make it more realistic, but realism in video games is not always speed dependant. Thanks for the tip.

Just the tip..just to see how it feels

drunkpandas3086d ago

It definitely adds to the realism, but it makes it somewhat boring as the game takes so long. Like you said, it's good that EA gave the option to change the game speed to customize it however you like.

red2tango3086d ago

I like my Madden fast. WAIT! I don't buy Madden... I might just bite on EA's 2010 line up since they've improved. So FIFA and Madden it is, good job EA on getting your sh1t back together.

the new king 743086d ago

what is the speed for online ranked games?

fiercescuba3086d ago

@ new king:

Good ?. We have not played online yet because we got our advanced review copy on Thursday and the game is not released to the public until Tuesday.

Drop a comment on the post at the redirect and I will get back to you when I find out.


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The story is too old to be commented.