Xbox Live Indie Games - What Do Creators Think Of The Price Changes?

Gamasutra: It's been a little over two weeks since XBL Indie Games had its prices changed, so we asked some of the top-tier developers of Xbox Live Indie Games about the changes -- what they thought on the new pricing scheme, and what they plan to do for their past and future titles.

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games, known for Weapon Of Choice and the upcoming Grapple Buggy, said, "600 Microsoft Points ($7.50) was the right price for a high quality game on XBL Indie Games" rather than 800MSP ($10), but that option was never available. He hopes than the new 80MSP ($1) price point will "stave off any need from Microsoft to make a 'free game' option", and that it stays in-line with the iPhone approach. As Weapon Of Choice was already 400MSP ($5), it will not be affected by the new changes.

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