Sidhe's Wynands on Shatter sales, PSN development

Matt Matthews from Gamasutra writes:

"Shatter has attracted a lot of attention online, including a featured PlayStation Eye interview on the Sony's U.S. PlayStation Blog, and has reviewed well among the enthusiast press. (As of this writing Shatter has an average score of 87 on Metacritic, with reviews from IGN, GameSpot, and GiantBomb.)

Below we talk with Sidhe's Managing Director, Mario Wynands, about sales of Shatter in the first week after release, the experience of bringing a new game to life on the PlayStation 3, the benefits of a simultaneous global launch, pricing strategies and much more."

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The_Darkest_Red3237d ago

Shatter is a super fun game, glad I got it. I will say that some of those trophies are pretty tough though.

Johnny Rotten3237d ago

great interview, I've heard nothing but good things about this game and the right is good enough for me. SOLD!

Kyur4ThePain3237d ago

I love the soundtrack to the game.
Anyone know if it's available anywhere?