360 Games On Demand Pricing Isn't Exactly Consistent

Did you think that when Microsoft's Games on Demand service launched, it'd be an egalitarian wonderland where every game would be the same price around the world? Well sorry. That's not the case.

The service (well, the listing for it; you can't download the games yet) is popping up all over the world for those signed up to Microsoft's new dashboard preview, and along with the game listings are game prices. Not every game seems to have turned up yet, but most have.

Some of them are fine. They're exactly what you'd pay at retail for the game, and although you could say that's still a rip-off (since your digital product lacks a box and printed manual), that's how digital delivery rolls these days. Sorry.

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Rockox3210d ago

The option is there for those who want to use it. No harm, no foul.

MetalGearBear 3210d ago

Xbox360 is failed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roper3163210d ago

Bioshock 30 dollars & Oblivion 30 dollars = 60 dollars

Bioshock/Oblivion combo pack $36.99 at and you have the physical media so you do the math.

Or Oblivion GOTY edition with all the DLC like the Shivering Isles for 29.99 at my local game store. Again you do the math.

MS's G.O.D. is a complete ripoff!

Kushan3210d ago

Yeah, this is the norm with digital content, what did you expect? Steam is no better (especially in the UK), I can find newly released games online for half the price steam charges.

I think the main problem is publishers and digital distributers wanting a bigger slice of the action. Someone, somewhere, has worked out that by distributing online, you can save so many £s/$s and both sides have decided that they want that money in THEIR pocket, so the net result is the price actually goes up.

With a bit of luck, similar to how XBLA games are being sold on Amazon in the US, all of this digital content will make its way online so we can have some real competition and bring those prices down.

Parapraxis3210d ago

"Yeah, this is the norm with digital content, what did you expect? "
well, not yet on PSN, for example, both Warhawk and Burnout Paradise were cheaper through DD on PSN than the retail versions.

lloyd_sr13210d ago

Sad practice. Didn't there Xbox 1 games section cease operation because of the high prices?

Kushan3210d ago

No? They're still on there.

lloyd_sr13210d ago

Yeah, but they stopped supporting it with new games, as in cease operation.

KionicWarlord2223210d ago

But you still can get the best xbox 1 games on games on demand .


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kingme713210d ago

Ugh, this is why I hate digital downloads. It puts all the power in the hands of the publisher. The whole argument to going this route was to save costs by skipping retail, skipping shipping, skipping packaging and materials, but the costs savings aren't there. At least when it ships to retail you can buy it used or rent it if you want and get it at the price you desire, not what the publisher chooses.

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