Resi 5 PC has 'new and improved Mercenaries mode'

Capcom has revealed that the upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 5 will feature a "new and improved Mercenaries mode with multiple times as many enemies than the console version."

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Nakerman3184d ago

I've not played Mercs mode yet, not sure if I ever will.

-Mezzo-3184d ago

What The Buch, what about us console owners.

dirthurts3184d ago

I played it on RE4 and it was a crazy fight for your life. A real survival feel.
Now I've not tried it on RE5, but I couldn't imagine having so many enemies come at you. That would seem overwhelming with the controls.
Maybe if they dropped Marcus Fenix in there...

hankmoody3184d ago

It's a lot of fun but the only problem is that you come across these elitist snobs online that won't play with you unless all of your characters are ranked at SS.

RufustheSage3184d ago

Really hope they get a patch out for consoles for this more enemies, love playing Mercs. Anything new to the mode would be great.

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