Microsoft Drops 360's HD Requirements?

The fanfare surrounding the HD era has dampened down, with the suggestion that Microsoft's demands for every Xbox 360 title to employ a HD resolution of at least 1280x720 appear to have been dropped.

In the latest issue of Develop, Black Rock Studio's David Jefferies provides an insight into the balancing act required for resolution and quality, claiming that although both HD consoles support 4X Multiscreen Anti-Aliasing, it's impossible to support such techniques at 1280x720 because the overhead is too much.

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PirateThom2997d ago


There's loads of 360 games in sub-HD resolutions, natively. Are they talking about not even supporting upscaling? Because that would be ridiculous.

dragunrising2997d ago

I don't think they're talking about upscaling. Sub-HD games have been around for a while; in other words, old news.

Maddens Raiders2997d ago

I'm just glad that there are no devs suggesting the PS3 (((drop))) HD requirements. (o_O)

StanLee2997d ago

But there are games that run in sub-HD resolutions on that system as well.

Maddens Raiders2997d ago

I believe my comment stated: "I'm just glad that there are no devs ---> suggesting <--- the PS3 (((drop))) HD requirements."

Yep. No suggestions there. Reading & comprehension are wonderful things.

indysurfn2996d ago

Last time I checked Kill Zone has even LESS resolution. Last time I checked Microsoft has MANY MORE 1080P games than PS3 does. See a xbox360 game that is 1080p? Don't assume the ps3 version is 1080p. Recently many games have come out on 360 as 1080p and only 720p on PS3. Because the developers had to take it down a notch and it STILL runs at a slower frame per second clip.

talltony2996d ago

Ok you obviously dnt know what the hell your taliking about. I'll just say that just because it says 1080p on every 360 game doesnt means it actually running natively at 1080p. And no the ps3 has more 1080p ps3 games then the 360 does. Dont kid yourself and do some freakin research!

Kleptic2996d ago

I don't think the 360 has a single title that is rendered at native 1080p...but it does have a superior scaler to the its kind of moot...

the PS3 has a few...namely Wipeout HD...which is definitely the 'biggest' full HD game on the PS3...and it does look beyond incredible...

but the point is both consoles are short on sucks...the PS3 rarely gets true MSAA at all in a lot of games because of memory restraints...the 360 generally gets 2x MSAA because of its EDram attached to the gpu...either way, the 512mb of ram for both consoles are the biggest bottle-neck for them...

ThanatosDMC2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Yeah, all 360 games have AA all ready cuz of that chip.

FragMnTagM2996d ago

You were the only one that was arguing that made sense. You actually know what you are talking about... the others... not so much.

MGSR THE HD VERSION2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"Microsoft Drops 360's HD Requirements"

dumb article.

here, here's the list of resolutions for both ps3 and 360.

count how many both have below 720p, and count how many are 720p with 4xaa.


and 360

SaberEdge2996d ago

MGSR, I count 41 PS3 games that are sub-HD resolutions on that list and 26 Xbox 360 games that are sub-HD.

indysurfn2996d ago

Stupid irrational fanboys where is your proof? Did you even look for any? For starters try Ghostboosters NATIVE 1080P on xbox360, but only 720P on PS3. Another example Fight night round 4 xbox360 NATIVE1080P , PS3 NATIVE PS3. Thats right fantoys, keep your heads in the sand like a Ostrich!

frnkyl2996d ago

lol at indysurfn not knowing what the hell he's talking about XD

PirateThom2996d ago

indysurfn - There's a difference between native resolution and supported resolution. Ghostboosters on 360 is native 720p, but supports upto 1080p through upscaling (most 360 games allow this due to the internal scaler chip).

iagainsti1202996d ago

from my count the PS3 has only one more 1080p game than the 360 has but the 360 runs more games at true 720p and the ps3 has more that are under 720p

this is just from counting full release games not including XBLA or psn


talltony2995d ago

Please just stop so you dont make a fool of yourself even more. Your the only one that is irrational here. It's obvious you dont know what the hell is going on.

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Xi2997d ago

would rather have a better looking game then an HD game. If developers are sacrificing resolution for better performance and visual fedility then there's no complaints for me.

somekindofmike2997d ago

agreed, people need to sit back and enjoy there games rather than counting pixels!

Richdad2997d ago

I agree performance and quality> resolution. Infact HD resolution is meant to give quality and if not, then there is definitely no need for it.
But I think now we will see 480p game also. But they might have a much better overall look.

Hoolock2996d ago

I love HD, i mean i really love HD but if the Devs say they can get more from my platforms without me noticing to a great deal that im not in HD i would be happy as long as the Xbox's HD upscaler still takes effect. I couldnt stand either the NXE or the XMB in SD though, they just look nasty.

Time_Is_On_My_Side2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

You must be a Nintendo fan because once you see games playing in HD you won't want to go back. The more a dev can do the better the gaming experience is going to be. For example "Infamous" is an example of more - of quality of course - makes a better game. Haven't you noticed that HD games lead the herd?

somekindofmike2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I've played plenty of HD games on both consoles, but it doesn't stop super mario galaxy looking stunning!

Art Direction > Pixel Count anyday

(EDIT) i'd like to add I much prefer my PS3 to my wii, but mainly due to the amount of shovelware on the Wii! very few games are anywhere near the quality of Galaxy,

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KionicWarlord2222997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

There giving devs the option ?

S M N2997d ago

and give who have a Full HD 50"+ the finger

dirthurts2997d ago

Build a pc. Current consoles are not HD beasts. Just sort of HD...

ShabzS2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

but will the dev's take it ?... they shouldnt even provide an option like that ... it takes a step back from progress .... its crazy

Kleptic2996d ago

the option has always been there...remember the Halo 3 debacle?...640p or whatever...and cod 4 and world at war were both at 600p or something...

doesn't really matter...just makes it funny when the console manufacturers keep screaming about HD this and that...yet a lot of games are not HD...

SaberEdge2996d ago

Not to mention Metal Gear Solid 4 which is 1024x768. Lots of games have been less than HD resolutions, but they still look good.

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presto7172997d ago

Guess the hardware just couldnt handle full HD.

Oh well...

blackbeld2996d ago

Nothing new here... It's obvious 360 couldn't handle HD resolutions.... It's getting overheated like a roasted Duck....

Natsu X FairyTail2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

"However, Jefferies later claims in the article that Microsoft has dropped the 1280x720 stipulation, allowing developers working on non-Halo titles to make the choice between resolution and quality as they so choose"

So if the Devs want to make a HD game they'll do it and if they want to make a SD game theyll do it?

MS wont care?

what about people who got HDMI cables and want HD games?


sunil2997d ago

giving the flexibility is a good thing... This will infact give rise to better quality games (imo)

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