IncGamers: Champions Online Hero Profiles

Cryptic Studios has provided IncGamers with profiles of ten key Heroes in the upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

Read up on the backgrounds of the game's leading 'good guys'.

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Medievaldragon3269d ago

Really cool. Pity I'm so busy with some stuff, and the upcoming Blizzcon. This stuff is gonna keep me glued to work for the next two weeks. argh.

Maticus3269d ago

You get to interact with these guys quite a lot so this is good to know.

Leord3269d ago

Cool. Love the way they make the background story a part of the game, and meeting the chars is also cool

Just thinking of the first time I meet Thrall in WoW :D

Malfurion3269d ago

Some of the heroes look quite geeky lol.

Fyzzu3269d ago

Wow. That's... a well thought out universe.

I suppose it's not entirely surprising as it's not exactly a brand new IP, but still. That's a lot of detail.

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