Kotick: ''We're in a better position than our rivals'

Activision boss Bobby Kotick explains the firm's strategy...

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shingo2998d ago

riiiight, that's why you had to raise your prices.


Hellsvacancy2998d ago

Hes already upset the gamin fans and now he wants 2 go that little bit further

If i could take Koticks bubbles i would

Chris3992998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

A simple look at their recently released financials tells us that.

Guitar Hero and music games in general are on the downwards spiral. All they have from the "Activision" side of things is COD.

And as Shingo pointed out, if business is booming, why the price hike? Bobby is either lying or just plain greedy.

Mo0eY2998d ago

I want to punch that cheeky grin off his chubby, little face.


morganfell2998d ago

Bobby Kotick and Denis Dyack...separated at birth.

Genesis52998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

What he really meant was we're bigger A-holes than our rivals.

ape0072998d ago


undertaker style

lociefer2998d ago

i really hate that guy, i hope for his sake mw2 is worth the extra bucks

Boody-Bandit2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

My message would be short and sweet

But in all honesty I have to thank Mr Kotick because he is going to save me some money this year.

Carl14122998d ago

This guy is seriously getting on my nerves now.

Keep your mouth shut and stop being a douche

Gantrfaxx2998d ago

What an annoying looking moron.

dragunrising2998d ago

Every time I see his face I want to punch it...I wonder why....

I never thought I would come to like EA so much and hate Activision. Kodick definitely helped.

DarkMantrid2998d ago

Can't he just stfu? All i ever hear from him is "We're better then everybody else so we do what we want, blah blah fudging blah"

RayMustang2998d ago

He seriously need to shut up
So many fan are already mad at him and now he just put more oil to the fire

Not buying
Hell no, not buying this crap f****** Activision

badz1492998d ago

and whoever still buy MW2 after these recent things spit out and done by this guy is SUPER STUPID! maybe more stupid than all lemmings combined!!

SHAGGY622997d ago

but this guy takes the cake

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Raf1k12998d ago

If Activision is really in a better position that it's rivals then it's clear he's abusing that position to get as much money as he can from us.

Sure companies are in it for the money but this guy takes the piss.

Microsoft_Spokesman2998d ago

I want his lemon shaped head to STFU.

poopsack2998d ago

can this man please cease to exist?

UNCyrus2998d ago

Someone needs to tell him the old Chinese Proverb:

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

REALgamer2997d ago

He's achieved the impossible - uniting both 360 and PS3 fanboys in their hate of him!

If you ask me, that's something pretty amazing I never thought I'd ever see happen.

Just a shame we have to (literally) pay for it...

4pocalyps32998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

must....refrain....from..punch ing..d!ckhead

Carl14122998d ago

Why refrain? Please, go ahead, i doubt anyone woud stop you.

Erotic Sheep2998d ago

I'd stop him, because I want to be the one doing it >.>

josh143992998d ago

im not buying another activision game ever again. i will buy blizzards games but not activision so hopefully blizzard realises activision are crap and split from them

saint_john_paul_ii2997d ago

at the end of the day, you still support activision, more power for them...