Valkyria Chronicles 2 - New screenshots

SEGA published some new screenshots from Valkyria Chronicles 2. Check them out.

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A_Little_Girl3270d ago

this type of game should of be on the ps3 instead

LeShin3270d ago

Sales is the language publishers understand. I just completed the DLC last night.....EPIC!

Double Toasted3270d ago

and people wonder why sales matter...

JL3270d ago

I would've loved for this to be on PS3. Now, I'm not a portable gamer really, but the first game was amazing, so I'll be borrowing my roommate's PSP just to play this game. Hopefully we can get a sequel on the PS3 one day.

Which DLC did you play? I still want to go back and get the Selvaria one (just been busy with others game right now, but plan to get that one at some point at least). How was hers? I've heard that's really the only one worth the buy.

@Double Toasted
I don't think anybody ever really says sales don't matter. We all know they matter to some degree. I think the argument is always that there's a threshold to where they stop mattering to us as gamers. The claim is usually brought up when people criticize a game because it didn't sell like 5+million copies. I'd say once it passes like the million mark or so it is irrelevant to us gamers. That being said, have Sega even came out and said that's the reason the sequel is going to PSP? I mean I'm not necessarily doubting it, but it's all speculation at this point (unless I missed something). Seeing as how VC has sold as well as most other JRPGs this generation, I wouldn't exactly call it a bust. Though it definitely deserved to do more than the half a million it sold so far.

gaffyh3270d ago

@1.3 - Exactly, bubbles+ for making sense.

LeShin3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Well, I think there are three pieces of DLC . 1 is the hard mode and the other 2 are Selvaria's and Edy's missions. Those are the 2 pieces of DLC I completed yesterday and they were amazing. Edy's mission can be pretty funny and can be quite tricky and Selavaria's mission is brilliant as well as being quite difficult and you learn a LOT more about her character as well as finding out that separating the two warring factions into good and evil is a lot more difficult than you'd first think. Also, if you complete the mission, you get a pretty cool bonus if you haven't completed the main story yet or are thinking of going through it again :)

Cwalat3269d ago

LeShin @

Although i agree with you, it's not like VC is mainstream.

JL3269d ago

Sounds cool. Thanks for the info Leshin. I'll definitely have to get around to getting the Selvaria DLC at some point. Might consider picking up the Edy one too.

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Natsu X FairyTail3270d ago

I havent played the 1st on PS3 but I'm starting to watch the Anime . SO I guess I can pick this up for my PSP if the story follows the 1st one.

Natsu X FairyTail3270d ago

I might buy it even if I dont have a PS3 at the momment. I buy games on other consoles and play them when my friends lend me theirs. I used to have a ps3 but sold it . Im planning on getting another one though.

Milky3270d ago

Perfect game for PSP.

Aggesan3269d ago

I totally agree. VC 1 was great, but my girfriend was complaining that I was occupying the telly too much, but now I should be able to play undisturbed on my PSP :-)