Monster Hunter 3 - New screenshots and artwork

Capcom published a batch of new screenshots and artwork from Monster Hunter 3.

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Jerk1203148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

That looks almost Ps3 multiplat GFX level.

Great job, Capcom.

Jerk1203148d ago

Can't wait to play this game on the Ps3!

Oh, wait, I can't play this game on the Ps3 because the Ps3 sucks face.

Capcom would rather release it on the Wii than release it on a console that sucks face. (Ps3)

EvilTwin3148d ago


I knew the Wii could do more, but that game truly looks fantastic.

aliveinboston3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

The Wii is basically a GameCube with a massive clockspeed boost. Why do the graphics in this game look worse than PS2 and Xbox games? Even the GameCube had Rogue Squadron which looks better than 99% of Wii games.

EvilTwin3147d ago

No one will deny that Factor 5 did some truly amazing stuff with RS2. Like Metroid Prime, that game stands up graphically to this day, and that's really saying something.

But compare the trees and the foliage in your caps to some of what you see in MH3. That first pic looks great, but look at the droid -- the lighting and shadows are great, but it's on a perfectly pristine white suit (with precious little detail), and look closely at the muddy textures below the foliage on the ground.

Compare that to some of the MH3 caps where there's a LOT of texture work on just about EVERYTHING.

The RS2 flight portions are amazing, but compare apples to apples. There's a reason flight and racing sims look better than huge open world games.

MH3 isn't going to look like Crysis or anything, but it looks darn good for what it is. Compare it to a game like Twilight Princess and you'll see more going on, I think.

That said, I'm not much of a graphics whore. My favorite games last gen were GTA, and they never compared to any of the best shooters of that era. MH3 looks nice for what it is. IMO.

WEL3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I don't know what kind of eye disease you two have but this doesn't even looks better than FFXII, a PS2 game...

And to say that it looks similar even to bad PS3 ports? WTF? LOL the Wii still has a long, but a really really really long way to go. It's just impossible. The Wii is still struggling to surpass PS2 games for god's sake!

EvilTwin3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

No need to insult, amigo. But I'm looking through the gallery on IGN, and there is definitely stuff in MH3 that looks better than FFXII.

In the right hands, the Wii has already surpassed last-gen visuals. Look at Metroid Prime 3 and compare it to the original Prime. Now Corruption's graphics don't look like PS3/360 visuals, but they're good in their own right.

And you can tell everyone in this thread about their "eye disease" if you wish, but I think you'll have more people that disagree with you than agree.

Shnazzyone3147d ago

the denial of these people is palatable. As per usual it still looks fantastic. People who don't recognize this looks good must be just be angry because this isn't coming to ps360. Just buy a wii off another poor sucker who thinks he's clever selling his and get over it. This could be one of the greatest wii games of this generation. No need to miss out merely because you bought a 400 dollar system that gets nothing but ports and a 200 dollar system that broke 3 months later. In the end Wii has more quality exclusives coming in 2009 then either 360 or ps3 anyhow.

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