Project Natal : Free Yourself

Microsoft is offering you the chance to win a trip to GamesCom to experience Project Natal first-hand.

"Project Natal does away with the controllers, meaning you can play games and experience entertainment in jaw-dropping new ways. To celebrate this newfound freedom, we're giving one lucky person (plus a friend) the chance to experience Project Natal at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. All we ask is that you free your mind and let yourself go...

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself letting go as you imagine what it's like to play Project Natal. Just imagine how fun, exciting and thrilling it'll be to play games with no controller – that's what we want you to look like!"

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No_NaMe3147d ago

But i just want games!

-Mezzo-3147d ago

Someone on this forum said something i will always agree too, NATAL will be great for sure but will not be revelutionary.

3147d ago
-Mezzo-3147d ago

LOL, i didn't knew about such an offer.

Arapidos3147d ago

More like...
NATAL = Enslave yourself ; Natal allows for ZERO freedom, but rather forces your body to submit to awkward leg spreads where you could be violently raped.

36T3147d ago

"Natal allows for ZERO freedom, but rather forces your body to submit to awkward leg spreads where you could be violently raped."

Just do us all a favor, keep yourself from getting too excited please. No need to look over your shoulder, i'm sure you'll feel it.

BlackTar1873147d ago

I don't think it revo. I think its cool i will not play 95% of the games on it because i think it is kinda dumb to flail and tiresome esp. after a big blunt and a hard day at work sitting at my desk ; )and don't want my wife to think im crazy but some sword fighting games light saber etc would be awesome

Imagine the Old school samurai game(PS2) with this were it only took like 2 hits to die that would be epic or like a medieval shield and sword game that would be fricken sweet.

If it can get perfect timing were you could do the above online i would probably play forever everything else to me is kinda dumb accept the casual party games.

And not like the wii where you swing and its pretty much just a generic swing i want were if i do a crazy swing thats unconventional Natal can mimic that on screen

Trollimite3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

they sound like every one wants motion controls! which isnt the case!


lol the open zone is funny! lmao

Hoolock3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

but jesus that advert for it is just terrible and cheesy. "let yourself go as you imagine what its like to experience controller free gaming"...

LMAO, yeh M$ we get it, its cool but lets not make complete fools of ourselves

BlackTar1873147d ago

So sword fighting your friends wouldn't kick ass if they could get accuracy down near perfect??

There are a bunch of friends i would like to have dismember in the video game world with true skill and if possible(Dont know yet) this would be cool.

No need to disagree i still thin the other 95% i was talking about requires controllers but come on Obi wan vs Darth maul MP would be sick

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djroberts3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Does anyone else like sitting down and using controllers and wishes game companies would take a chill pill on all this camera/motion crap?

A bit of it is cool but this is being talked about like it's the best thing since sliced bread...

ZOMBIEMAN13147d ago

yup i actually wish they get there heads out of MS @ss and see Natal isn't new and it can't be applied to even the simplest of actions that a controller can do like moving the camera

KionicWarlord2223147d ago

Zombieman it`s different man.

Specs are diverse .

ZOMBIEMAN13147d ago

i don't give a rats @ss about specs no one that buys consoles does ppl that buy things don't care what went into making it they only care what it does

Trollimite3147d ago

please explain how a game like cod4 can be played using natal! its im possible!

KionicWarlord2223147d ago

"don't give a rats @ss about specs no one that buys consoles does "

We arent talking about consoles . But the specs tell you what it does .

Leave it to developers to make a game from something they always have.

Hoolock3147d ago

M$ promised games without controllers not FPS without contollers. COD and Halo will still be played like they are today and if Natal ever makes it into an FPS or any genre that does require the use of a pad, it will be slight and you may only use Natal to give orders or talk to squad mates.

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