PS3 price drop definitely happening according to retail source

A very reliable source at a major UK retail chain has told Play that the PS3 price-drop is definitely happening soon. Our source didn't yet know exactly when the price was due or exactly what it would be or whether it would coincide with the announcement or launch of the rumoured slim PS3, but promised more details if and when they become available.

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Jerk1203180d ago

One step closer to the end of the Ps3.

Syronicus3180d ago

Heck, every console goes through a series of price drops... When they tell me the exact date of this next drop is the day I get excited.

MTEC83180d ago

How about wait for Sony to announce the price drop, there has been at least 150+ rumours about this in the last 4 months.

Carl14123180d ago

Indeed. But at the minute, retailers are dropping the PS3 price left right, and centre. Surely an official price drop is just around the corner..

nycredude3180d ago

This is too easy to be a game jounalist!!! I know for sure and I can guarantee 150% that they will drop the price of the Ps3 in the future. I can't tell you when yet but when it happens you will know.

Ummm duhh.

Cwalat3180d ago

Microsoft plans to introduce a new SKU that is cheaper also.

Sony plans to introduce Slim and a pricecut.

Nintendo plans to f**ck with all and say: "mouhaaha we will never drop prices! Instead, here... take this little brick and mount it on your wiimote for "extra" sensitivity, Mouahahaha!"

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PdubthePatriot3180d ago

This has been definitely happening according to retail sources for months now lol

Admiral_Benson3180d ago

It seems Mr Reliable Retail Source has been a busy man recently!

He's popping up in just about every price drop story these days...

ravinash3180d ago

What do you mean these days???
these sources have been saying this since the last time the PS3 did have a price drop.

I do think that one is not too far off, if anything so people will be free to start buying again because everyone is holding off till the price drop happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.