Another Spam Message Doing The Rounds On Xbox Live

It seems that the age old problem that has hampered MSN Messenger users, is finding its way onto Xbox Live. Many of you who use MSN Messenger will be aware of spam messages that appear from your friends quite often. Click on the link in the message, and you'll continue the spam chain.

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DelbertGrady3146d ago

Isn't this purely MSN related? When you use MSN on your 360 you stream the service from your PC, right? In that case it has nothing to do with Xbox Live. Nice spin though.

CommonCent3145d ago

Like the other guy said nice spin... If you link your msn account to xbox live of course your going to recieve the messages buts the fault of msn not xbl. How did this get accepted?

Gamedot3145d ago

I don't think it is MSN related at all. I've recieved this message from one of my friends who's not on MSN. Maybe it originated on MSN, but the message is certainly being sent through the message creator on the Xbox