SFX-360: Raiden IV Preview

SFX-360 writes: "Raiden is a 2D shmup (shoot'em up) series mostly known in Japan. Since 1990, the Japanese arcade shooter featured fast paced action along with a wide variety of power-ups and shots that nearly stretch across the entire screen. For us in America, we knew almost nothing about the Raiden series until it arrived in the mid '90s on the Playstation and eventually on the Playstation 2. Today it's pretty much a household name, and now Raiden IV looks to continue on the series' rich tradition.

Don't expect much of a storyline here in Raiden IV. The game is a straight-up shooter with the goal of destroying everything in sight. The best part of almost any shmup is the variety of weapons you get to use. Your fighter has two weapons: a main weapon and a sub weapon. Main weapons include the basic Vulcan, Laser, the arcing Plasma Laser, and spread Proton Laser. Sub Weapons are various missile shots including nuclear, homing, and radar payloads..."

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