European Disgaea 3 Trophies Patch On It's Way

Many have wondered whether or not the European holders of Disgaea 3 would be getting a Trophies Patch, especially since it has already been released in the states for some time... GameGrep are proud to reveal that it will indeed be released all within the year.

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A_Little_Girl3122d ago

another reason for me to play disgaea

Bordel_19003121d ago

I bought Disgaea 3 but haven't played it because I'm waiting for it to be patched for trophies.

Man these guys are the fokkings slowest bunch ever, jap version was patched last year and the US some time ago, now we in Europe will get it within the year. It's just ridiculous, they can shove it.

Krash4203121d ago

Just be glad that they're definitely patching it, with the delay in DLC, I'm just glad that it's being patched this year as opposed to next year.

Caprica63006d ago

It's almost new year just 31 days left and still there is no patch =O