Retail anxious about PSPgo

As handheld hype builds, a confident Sony says retailers are still 'a key part of our plans'

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-Mezzo-2998d ago

This is a good news, as i have doubts about PSP Go due to the price factor.

Blaze9292998d ago

I bet Gamestop isnt so anxious. In fact, probably scared. More PSP Go's sold, the less games are being traded in from PSP customers. Alright get a vast majority not even buying PSP games anymore do to how insanely easy it is to hack the PSP and download a game then play it.

HolaTarola2998d ago

Yeah, I only hope that this doesn't affect the treatment that retail stores give to the PlayStation brand.. You know, things like put a little space for the PS3 games on his stores, or telling the customers that the PS3 isn't a good choice, etc, things like that.. Oh, wait..

poopsack2998d ago

lol i already had a very pleasant experience with Gamestop


HolaTarola2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

hahaha, based on a true story ^_^

BTW.. Are you from Purto Rico? I'm from Mexico :O

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MetalGearBear 2998d ago

that mean PSPGO's price is cut or what?

Close_Second2998d ago

...won't attract lots of new gamers to the PSP, especially with the announced launch price. I'm guessing initial sales will be mainly existing PSP owners upgrading.

To be honest, the PSP Go seems two years too late. It won't do much, if anything, to stop the momentum of the ITouch/IPhone.

Ju2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I think that's exactly what it does. Its targeted at the ipod touch (not so much the iphone) as a gaming and multimedia platform. Its cheaper then the touch, and has better games. You get all the songs from amazon and all the movies from the PSN (if that would ever become a global offer). The size and blue tooth is what will make me buy one (blue tooth head set so I can just have it at work with no wires, great!). And! Its the best Skype phone out there (because it has a browser! Means you can use it with web based proxy gates!).

And, there's still the regular PSP if you want all that for cheap (minus the 16GB flash and the bluetooth).

BTW: For that price I can imagine why the retail wants it. They might actually make money on the HW not on games nobody buys there anyway.

Panthers2998d ago

Im anxious too. I def want one.

zootang2997d ago

I wanna know where i can get my hands on a load of theses. I can sell em! People are mithering me for them!