Konami issues statement on MGS4 trophy patch

Kojima Productions, a subsidiary of Konami and developer of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, has issued a statement regarding the numerous requests for the game to be patched with trophy support.

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PirateThom3267d ago

So, basically, the same thing they've already said?

Blaze9293267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I'm all for long as there are no Metal Gear Online trophies. Not even trophies could get me to go online in that god awful mode again.

Bronze (Yes...bronze) Trophy Unlocked - "Wow you must really like MGO!": Spend over 30 minutes downloading and installing the newest update then use 10 minutes to find a match online.

solideagle13267d ago

with trophies for cheap price and it will sell like hot cakes.


CaptainKratos3267d ago

10 minutes to find a match online!? what game have you been playing? MGO is fun! the only thing that ruins it is the glitchers.stop lag switching people!!!

theEnemy3267d ago

If you don't like MGO, it doesn't mean other people doesn't like MGO too.

There are thousands of players playing MGO right now. And we are enjoying every bit of it.

To each his own.

Although I admit it is one of the glitchiest online game on the PS3.

f'ing glitchers.

jammy_703267d ago

maybe when mgs4 subsis.... wat ever comes out

but they will come......

Rusco873267d ago

just another reason to keep on playing this epic game! but will probably have to delete or back up the saved data and start fresh for the trophies to work.

morganfell3267d ago

MGO is an incredible blast. Not sure what game he's been playing.

JaPo3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Jesus Christ could this statement be any less helpful? Is this not the exact same thing they said last time. It simply sounds like they're teeing up to shaft the PS3 owner with some announcement of a new limited edition w/trophies.

If they do try and make us buy 'Subsistence' for the trophies then that is very poor service.

I have a feeling, knowing Konami as a very 'Japanese' developer, they;'' make the trophies insanely hard and annoying. I hope that's not the case, as I've been relishing the opportunity to go through that super game again.

I'm with you there, Blaze. For me, the slow gameplay, awkward controls and lack of teamwork made it a painfully boring experience. Before the resident fanboys retort with 'are we playing same gaem lol' and 'its tactical not like c0d4 nubfest', I didn't find the game particularly suited to tactical teamwork either. It's simply not very well made; from the server issues to the stupid bloody Konami IDs. Of all the people I know who enjoyed the SP and numerous other online shooters (including SOCOM), none of them appreciated MGO.

King_many_layers3267d ago

10 minutes to find a game ?? I feel sorry for you, I never even had that trouble in the beta.
But 30 minutes to download the latest update, that's amazingly fast. If I tried to download any update it'd take me F'in hours.

I had to leave my internet and PS on overnight 2 days in a row when it was the beta to download it all properly.
I hope that any future game will just use sony servers.

C_SoL3267d ago

I had a feeling i should have waited.

i just traded my MGS4 for a Dualshock 3 controller.

Hopefully they release a substance version or something.

I'll definitely buy it to get the trophies.

IdleLeeSiuLung3267d ago

This will of course be complete with a few minor new stuff, trophies and some variations.

Just like they did with the previous games, right?

shadow27973267d ago

Having just gotten my Big Boss Emblem, I have to say that if trophies are ever released, they're going to be hard. Not only that, but it's going to require an insane number of play-throughs. All they really have to do is assign a trophy to each of the ranks at the end of the game and they're pretty much done.

I hope they do release trophies, but if they do, I know I'm going to end up spending a ton of more time on that game, so I'm almost hoping they don't Haha.

starvinbull3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I've been holding out on replaying it for the trophies and holding out on getting into MGO waiting for them to drop the Konami ID thing. Sort it out man it's been out ages.

EDIT: @idleleesiulung

Sony wouldn't allow developers to re-release old games charging extra for trophies on the disc only.

Including trophies would see the game spike a few thousand more copies so that alone would probably pay for them.

DaTruth3266d ago

What Blaze929 said makes perfect sense. I don't like MGO and I wouldn't want to have to play it a lot to get a platinum trophy. I don't want my children to hear me swearing so much, and that is what will happen if I am forced to play MGO again.

nycredude3266d ago


What the hell are you rambling on about MGO is very fun and it never took that long to get into a match. Maybe you should play a game before you talk.

Guys he is probably just butthurt because he sucks at it and keeps getting cqc'ed before he could kill someone! LOL!

raztad3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Sorry Blaze but this is a bit funny. Yesterday I was slammed by you cause I said KZ2 is more exciting than HL2, and now you owned yourself trash talking MGO. LOL

Btw, I havent played MGO yet. I want to try it out, but I need to finish KZ2 on Elite first. I want to replay MGS4 but with so much new games coming is hard to allocate time for it, trophies could make a second playthrough a reality :D

Downtown boogey3266d ago

You keep praising KZ2 and you haven't even finished it on elite???? I got a platinum from it and didn't like it... Just the 18 month-wait and 1600+ posts on had to be justified somehow.
And about MGO: It sucks. MGS4 is awesome though; best game this gen for me. And you haven't even played it more than once! That number is 8 for me.

pixelsword3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

It takes up to 30 minutes sometimes to get a game on Gears, and there's glitches galore in both Gears games, so although MGO takes half of the time to get a game, people slam it? Either that point is a fanboyish rant, or some Sony gamers are acting just a little spoiled because GeOW gamers don't complain that much, neither do Sony players talk about such nuances as much.

@ Downtown boogey:

What is worse, or makes more sense: someone who is savoring a game that they do like, or someone who plays the game long enough to get the trophies on a game that they don't like?


phosphor1123266d ago

That is the ONLY reason I haven't gone back to MGO.

It takes me HOURS (YES HOURS!!!) to download the update. No, f*ck that. I'll go play KZ2 instead.

INehalemEXI3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

what a tease, all I need to hear is when the trophy patch is ready for DL. Still this is 1 of the greatest games ever created I did not need to get my trophy fix to enjoy. Trophies will just make it solid :D

RustInPeace3266d ago

No matter how much of this "be patient" stuff they throw at us, how much you wanna bet that they DON'T patch the game after making a "statement" after this? Also, how is this even considered a statement on the topic if nothing was said about it at all? All that was said is "we hear you........." Doesn't mean they WILL do it. I hope they do, though. SO many people have been clamoring for this that it's very ill-willed to the fans if they don't come through after more than a year of this question being brought up.

shadow27973266d ago

@ downtown boogey

You platinum'd a game you didn't like? What in the world made you keep playing it if you didn't like it? I understand beating the game to make your final decision, but getting a platinum for it seems like a waste of your time, time you could have spent enjoying another game. Do trophies mean that much to you?

I love Killzone, and I'm nowhere near a platinum. It doesn't help that I'm lousy online, either. Haha.

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krouse933267d ago

So they Are going to patch in trophies finally.

sunil3267d ago

No. They just hope that these open ended statements will spur more sales and they can after another year confirm that its too late and MSG Raiden is already out

navyguy213266d ago

I hope they do, it will give me an excuse to play through it 4 more times!! Game is just AWESOME, especially the motorcycle chase sequence!!

mfwahwah3266d ago

It's been over one year and they're STILL saying "We hear you, but uhhhhh... yeah we're not saying yes and we're not saying no."

If they keep saying that for ONE WHOLE YEAR, then that's a bad sign. Not a good one.

RustInPeace3266d ago

Gotta agree with you on that. I bet that is their EXACT game plan if it is not implemented within 2 or 3 months.

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Whitefeather3267d ago

They basically just confirmed it.

Alex_Mexico3267d ago


Otherwise they could've gone the Resistance 1, Ratchet and Clank Future 1, Soul Calibur 4, Call of Duty 4, etc of just going out and flat out denying any trophy patches. Why go to the trouble of saying "be patient" only to tell us later they are not coming?
This confirms it. What Im puzzled is why so much secrecy? This aint no big game reveal. Just go out and say they are coming and omit dates if you want.
Hopefully one day I'll fully understand all these PR strategies....

mfwahwah3266d ago


So some fool hears it then immediately jumps the gun and buys the game waiting for the patch.

aaron58293267d ago

Might as well not issue the statement at all.

JD_Shadow3267d ago

That basically means that is going to be a GamesCon announcement.

Holy CRAP, GamesCon's gonna be better than E3 if THIS hype keeps up.

windmill1453267d ago

if not a TGS announcement.

macezhno3266d ago

is the installs i would like to have the downloads all stored on my HDD and never have to mess with them again. second make all of the bonus online content available on the PSN