First day sales in Japan - 8th August 2009

SD Gundam G Generation Wars [PS2], Tales of VS [PSP], MagnaCarta II [Xbox360], Tingle [DS] and Blood of Bahamut [DS] all release this week to strong sales!

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FrankWest3091d ago

PS2 is still a beast...

-Mezzo-3091d ago

I can't believe PS2 is still selling strong, truly the best console ever.

Keith Olbermann3091d ago

so many advertisements going on, my browser kept chocking.

poindat3091d ago

Sounds like you need AdBlock Plus...


GameGambits3091d ago

Doesn't smell good for Magna Carta 2. I was hoping it'd be a bigger hit. Even weirder is Blood of Bahamut not doing great either as that was a title I am looking forward to on my DS.

indysurfn3091d ago

For all those that don't get this chart and ASSume that it is a top 10 rating look again) In other words COMPARE TO OTHER PS2 GAMES! Not compared to WIi games or 360 games. The PS2 did not get 89% of sales, instead it got 89% of PS2 sales not all system sales. If you thought that add all the percents together and you will realize it is above 100% The reason PS2 had one game dominate other PS2 games is because there are less, and less games coming out for PS2. So Magna cart II getting 41% of sales is great! Even better i PS3 not being in the list is a sign there where no new dominate games for the system THAT WEEK. NO BIG DEAL. Sounds like someone is so defensive about PS3 that they have to say PS2 domination, when everyone knows Wii is first place then everyone else added together is a DISTANT second place especially in Japan

heroicjanitor3091d ago

I thought it meant how much of the initial shipment was sold on the first day. Do you mean it is what percentage was sold on the ps2, as in 11% was sold on the wii or whatever?

Duke_Silver3091d ago

SD gundam is doing great!

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