TeamXbox: Team Talk: If It Ain't Broke...

TeamXbox writes: "If a system works, why eff with it? It's a methodology that was more than likely passed down from those poor saps enslaved to build the pyramids-effectively yokel-ized with the "ain't," to drive the point across."

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Trollimite3265d ago

controllers arent broke! why invent natal?

can you answer my question teamxbox? id love a response!

Syronicus3265d ago

To take if further I have to ask, with Natal coming, is that device the admission of MS to there being a need to fix their current gaming style on the 360? I'm just playing devils advocate so please don't flame me.

likedamaster3265d ago

Rage much? Calm down, TeamXbox is quite a good and most of all "professional" site. No need to go crazy over an article made to stimulate the mind.

Godmars2903265d ago

The Wiimote is working perfectly for Nintendo, so MS wants one too.

MmaFanQc3265d ago fact, my 360 broke four times.

2x rrod
1 stuck disc tray
and stopped reading disc.

SaberEdge3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

That isn't what they are talking about, so why are you bringing that up here?

My 360 and PS3 have both died once, but you don't see me bringing that up in unrelated articles.

How many of you read the article? It gives suggestions with regard to things they hope will change industry-wide. It's not just about the 360.

ThanatosDMC3265d ago

He's just poking fun of the fact they said, "If it aint broke..." and defending 360s.

cliffbo3264d ago

imo ms should replace the dvd drive with a cd drive or better yet a tape drive as dvd is not necessary as we can always use better compression techniques.