If you're thinking of buying a console, get a PS2

The PS2 may still be the best console to own with nearly two thousand games available, including some of the all time classics. And the games are a whole lot cheaper to buy than HD console games.
140 million owners can't be wrong!

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TomMcBaum3119d ago

than by all means, get a PS2. (Indeed, some parents get PS2s for their younger children deliberately so they WON'T be online. Certainly, there's a lot of crude language on Xbox Live and, to a lesser extent, in the heavily censored PSN Home.)

JustinSaneV23119d ago

What most parents don't know is that voice, video, and messaging in general can be completely blocked on Xbox Live (not sure about PSN).

Of course I guess it's easier to just get an offline-based console...

BulletToothtony3119d ago

he had countless articles about how bluray would never succeed, and truly has no contribution AT ALL on video gaming.

His way of journalism is to hate on the ps3.. i wouldn't be surprised if he was a sex offender.. looks creepy as hell..

gamesR4fun3119d ago

Lame: (0 minutes ago)
Bruce Everiss

man this guy need to fade away

IrishRepublicanArmy3119d ago

fack the hd consoles. this was an era when everyone enjoyed the same priceless fun!
some of its online games lyk socom are still popular online i believe!

poindat3118d ago

OF COURSE the PS2 is going to be cheaper, have cheaper games, and have more of them... It's been around for 10 years!

Thanks for stating the obvious Bruce.

GameGambits3118d ago

The thing about the PS2 though is if you somehow really missed out on the games that came out as they were released while no PS3 was around, then you have to be someone who orders a lot of games off the net. I tried the other day to buy a copy of Shadow of the Collasaus from Gamestop and no dice in either of the two stores in my town.

PS2 came and went. Most of us are still holding on to ours since selling it isn't worth how much you'd get from places like Gamestop. May as well have it to pop in games during dry periods like summer times.

If you are actually looking for a brand new console get a PS3, 360, and then Wii in that order. Heck from where I'm sitting get a PSP and DS before the 360 as their library is great for all kinds of gamers.

ultimolu3118d ago

...Not this guy again...*shakes head*

Yes, the PS2 is an amazing system but wtf is his beef with the PS3?

Domenikos3118d ago

why dont u get a SNES too... u cant be wrong neither...

TomMcBaum3118d ago

with the claim that there's offensive language on Live and Home? (Yes, of course one can block offensive online users on PSN and Live -- surely, this is well known.) Or maybe they don't understand the concept of sarcasm with that "just a fad" statement yet? LOL.

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Jerk1203119d ago

Well, when compared to a Ps3, I can't argue with that.

keysy4203118d ago

but i believe that ps3 gives you more of a next gen step with bluray and all. but yeah the 360 is a hd ps2

-MD-3118d ago

That's actually a compliment to the 360.

Just so you know.

Pain3117d ago

"1.1 but yeah the 360 is a hd ps2"

"2.1 -
That's actually a compliment to the 360.

-Just so you know. "

And the Xbox 2 wanting to be a PS2 is a even greater Compliment.

-Just so you know. "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"

Get ready for school kid its almost time to go back.

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