Firefox 4.0 looks like Chrome?

"Mozilla showed some mockups for the nearer-term Firefox 3.7 that eliminated the browser's title bar, replacing it with two drop-down menu buttons on the right, just like Chrome has had since its September 2008 debut. The Firefox 4.0 mockups show two options, one similar to the 3.7 ideas, and the other taking another step in the Chrome direction. "

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coolfool3086d ago

I didn't like the layout of chrome. It was almost too simple in that it actually became harder to do the things I wanted with it.

theEnemy3086d ago

Even the preferences of Chrome is so simple that it's not even good to begin with.

No_NaMe3086d ago

Google destroys Mozila !

dirthurts3085d ago

I really like how google chrome works and feels.
Now if they will just animate when you move tabs around like google chrome does. Itstead of just poping from here to there.

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