Batman: Arkham Asylum demo impressions

The Batman: Arkham Asylum demo released today on the Playstation Network and I eagerly downloaded this much anticipated title as soon as I could.

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SH3MRON3122d ago

The demo seems good although stiff facial animations but overall seems like a good game and for a company like Eidos its amazing since they haven't done a decent game in ages. Fighting seems simple to do and hard to master.

This game could be a revamp of the franchise which is a really good thing for Comic and hero style games looks like Wolverine made a good impresion.

Milky3122d ago

fighting seems simple to do but hard to master? All you do is press square a couple of times, it is nothing to master.

Its a good game though, if I see it for a good price I will get it.

PirateThom3122d ago

What I've noticed with these comic book games, same as the movies, is that they're aiming for a more mature audience. I also think the fact Wolverine didn't follow the movie too closely and Batman Arkham Asylum isn't being rushed out to meet a movie deadline, has resulted in good comic book games especially now people realise crap movie games don't sell as well as they used to.

Arkham Asylum really captures the mood of Batman so well, the timing to take out enemies one by one and avoid detection because you aren't invincible really sold me.

Carl14123122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

I'm pleased for Eidos.

This isn't really my type of game, but i saw there was massive anticipation, and the store update was crap, so i went ahead and downloaded it yesterday. I played it earlier today and, apart from hating the camera, i really enjoyed it. It pushed me to preorder it anyway, which is what a demo should do.

Like i said, pleased for Eidos, they haven't had a decent game in a while. Hopefully this brings in some money for them :D

The Meerkat3122d ago

Eidos made Battlestations: Pacific which is great too

nycredude3122d ago

I thought it was a mixed bag. The demo was very polish in certain areas and very generic looking with very bad textures. The gameplay is pretty easy also but I like some of the platforming stuff.

I just hope they polish up the finish product more. Also it is very clear this game utilized the U3 engine.. sigh.

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dirthurts3122d ago

We'll get a good spiderman game...?


Ow wow. woooh. I got carried away there for a minute.

Natsu X FairyTail3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

I just downloaded the demo on live.

I like it. I might buy the full game.

edit: 2disagrees really? LMAO!

Fox013122d ago

Wow N4G really hates you, I see massive disagrees on each of your posts. Don't let it bother you though.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3122d ago

But Graphically it was not up to my High(PS3)Standards!!! ;-D

When i saw that 'Unreal' Logo at the start of the Demo i thought 'Oh Dear, xBox 360 SH*T Graphics i bet' and i was right. Anyway for some reason the 'Unreal Engine' games seem to give me bad Headaches after playing them for a while, god knows why??? Oh well...if your a Batman Fan buy it;)

darkequitus3122d ago

"The demo is short, it took me about 30 – 40 minutes to complete" LOL

How much of a game do you want in a demo?

Mo0eY3122d ago

I know, right? It's a single player game - was he expecting to get at least one chapter of the game or something?

I think the demo was great - it gave us the basics of the game (hand-to-hand combat, detective work, and sneaking gameplay). This is what made me happy about my purchase because I actually got to experience just a minimal amount enough of everything I hoped the game would be.

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