Halo ODST :(Spoilers) Rumored Campaign/Multiplayer Areas

Halo ODST is nearing release and looks to be packed full of content. These are the rumored sets of single player campaign and multilayer arenas that players might be able to plough through coming September.

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N4PS3G3119d ago

one campaign less than Halo 3...if they are about the same size ..then it may be longer than i expected since its only an "expansion".

Nice3119d ago

in less than 6 hours...but when I cranked up the difficulty it proved to be more worthwhile to play around...I guess it may be the same for this one as well...

StanLee3118d ago

Halo 3's normal difficulty was really easy to be honest. It made the came more accessible to newcomers but the Heroic and Legendary difficulties is really where the AI shines.

281219863119d ago

specially the Scrab bits they were a whole lotta fun...

militant073119d ago

i couldnt defeat them in legendary for more than hours.

after playing halo for sometime and get used to it, i beat them.

the 2 scrabs ( giant enemy crap )

100003119d ago

how Halo has evolved into a franchise that is reminiscent of Half Life..they first did Gordon freeman then moved to Adrian Shepherd and Barney...most of who were present in Half Life 2...

Jerk1203119d ago

The Suckzone kiillllaaaaar!

No, wait, Suckzone already killed itself.

As did the Ps3.

Tinted Eyes3119d ago

awwwwww mad you couldnt play killzone?

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